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Adam Copeland aka Edge - London signing next weekend


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Jesus, that's steep, what did you get for it? I'd always figured it was a one-off admission to get in to Axxess, followed by a mad rush to meet as many people as possible.


General tickets are cheaper, but each session has one VIP guest that you need a VIP ticket to meet.


e.g. WM 28


- Autograph from designated Superstar at VIP Autograph Stage

- Entrance to VIP standing area next to ring at WrestleMania Axxess

- 8x10 Superstar Photo

- VIP wristband required for meet & greet (wristband will be provided once tickets are scanned on site)

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Probabley being stupid here but on the expo forum it says Edge will be doing a promotional signing and a paid for signing, and a photoshoot.


Whats the promotional signing? I kind gathered id have to pay for a auto and also for a photo like a regular convention.


At expo they have the tv casts promoting their shows and usually do a couple of hours slot promotional signing where the cast sign free of charge, as Edge is their promoting Haven then during this allocated slot he will be signing free Haven posters etc which Expo will supply. Then the rest of the weekend he will be doing the regular paid for autographs and photo sessions.

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