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UFC On Fuel TV: Franklin vs Le Discussion Thread



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Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le

Stanislav Nedkov vs. Thiago Silva

Dong Hyum Kim vs. Paulo Thiago

Mac Danzig vs. Takanori Gomi

Alex Caceres vs. Kyung Ho Kang

Jon Tuck vs. Tiequan Zhang

John Lineker vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani*

Tom DeBlass vs. Riki Fukuda*

Jeff Hougland vs. Takeya Mizugaki*

MarceloGuimaraes vs. Hyun Gyu Lim*


*Prelim fight


The first ever UFC event held in China! Will be interesting to see how this one goes as far as crowd reaction etc.


Unfortunately, I don't see anything other than A Rich Franklin win in the main event. Le hasn't really impressed me since arriving in the UFC, and I don't think he'll have nearly enough to beat Rich.


The rest of the card will be decent enough to watch, but nothing really jumps out at me.

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Yeah that poster is brilliant. Is that the official one?


I think this will be a great show. Be interesting to see how the Chinese crowd are, I've never seen any MMA there. Some really good looking fights on this one.


Franklin vs Le should be a good one. I'm also expecting a Franklin win but it should be an exciting fight while it lasts. You never know, Franklin does get caught a fair bit and especially against southpaws. He should win though. I think he's got the better gastank and should put Le away around the 3rd I reckon.


I really like the sound of Kim/Thiago for some reason, I think that could be a sleeper on this card. Silva vs Nedkov should end with a bang as well, can't see past a win for Thiago Silva there. Danzig vs Gomi shouldn't fail to deliver a crowd pleasing fight.


And Bruce Leeroy is awesome to watch, even if he is a twat. The gimmick fits the venue as well. He should come out to the theme from 'Enter The Dragon'.

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Le is too slow in my opinion. I don't know how he kept catching Cote in his last fight. Rich by second round KO.


Hoping Thiago Silva loses and gets cut. He has one official win since 2008, tried to fake a piss test and seems like a miserable bastard in general. Nedkov should get this, he's vicious, seems like forever since he last fought.


It's a must win for Paulo Thiago. 1 win in his last 4. Kim gets it by dominating judo style UD.


Gomi vs. Danzig could be a FOTN. Not fussed on who wins, I like both, might go with Gomi. If Gomi wins here and Sots beats Pearson, maybe they can remake the Gomi vs. Sots fight that was meant to happen at UFC 144, was very keen for that.


Who doesn't love Bruce Leeroy? He's completely shined in the bantamweight division, always bringing excitement. It'd be great to see him go on a big win streak with the way he's improved lately.


The rest should be fun. Looking forward to seeing the Asian fighters excel in home territory, something about fighting in the States seems to really screw with them.

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I didn't think much of Nedkov from what I've seen to be honest. He hits hard but he's sloppy as shite. Looked like a throwback to the early UFC days at times. He blasted Luiz Cane but everyone's doing that these days. I don't know, maybe he's better than he's shown but I reckon Thiago should beat him.


Anyone caught the story on Korean undercard fighter Hyun Gyu Lim rolling with Joe Rogan and tapping him? Here's MiddleEasy's version;


He was in America sparring in a camp in California in preparation for Dongi Yang's fight.


So Lim was finished with the training session and was about to go to the showers when lo and behold Joe Rogan comes into the gym. Lim's coach tells him to spar with Joe Rogan.


Lim had no idea Joe Rogan was a bjj black belt and rolled with him thinking Joe was just a strong guy who trained for fun. But after rolling for a few minutes Lim realized Rogan was really strong and really good at bjj and before he knew it Rogan got his back for like 3 minutes, and rolled for an armbar.


Of course Lim's pride was a bit hurt so he got out of the armbar and threw a perfect flying triangle choke and got Rogan in the sub. But Rogan being the strong HGH ox he is wouldn't tap so Lim switched to an armbar and cranked and Joe screamed.


So afterwards Lim felt so bad that he went up to Joe and apologized profusely. But Rogan just gave him a death stare and basically ignored him.


They are laughing that there is no way Joe Rogan is going to say good things about Lim now when he fights in the UFC.


And Rogan's response;


I was a bit surprised to read about this, since most of the time people treat training as what it is; practice, and don't try to turn things into something to publicize someone's UFC appearance which is what I'm assuming they're doing here. I'm also assuming you're getting this from one of his coaches or friends which is why the story is slightly off. I've rolled with a number of guys over the years that have fought in the UFC and other organizations and this is the first time anyone has made a "story" out of training with me.


I should first state that all of those Korean guys are nothing but gentlemen. Very cool guys at the fights and they were very cool at the gym as well.


I remember rolling with Mr. Lim because I tend to remember most people that catch me with something, but I certainly was never mad at him. My recollection was that they were there to train for Dongi Yang's fight, and I was just there taking class as usual.


I didn't just walk into the gym as in their version, but it could be that they hadn't noticed me or something. It was the last roll of the night, and they asked me to train with one of their fighters. I don't remember the roll too much other than he was very good, and it was pretty fast paced. I remember at one point I got his back for a while, but I couldn't finish him, and I remember being really tired by that point.


We separated and he caught me in a sweet triangle/arm bar combination. It was very quick and very nice. My elbow got tweaked but I was certainly never upset at him. That could have easily been a language barrier thing, though as I was in some pain.


I iced my elbow and we all sat around and talked some afterwards. My elbow was fine after a day or so. I'm not sure why they would say I was mad at him other than that it makes for a better story that way.


Either way, nice guy, and very skillful. That whole team is filled with very talented fighters.


Seems like something of nothing really but thought people might find it worth a read. Would have been interesting to see if Rogan brought it up on commentary but this being on FUEL will mean we get the Anik/Florian team instead.



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i think it's a bit of a deceptively good card on paper, nothing really jumps out but when you break em down there's some really looking little fights on the show.


Le is too slow in my opinion. I don't know how he kept catching Cote in his last fight. Rich by second round KO.

that's all down to timing i guess, Le's a quality striker.

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Just checked ESPN's TV schedule and this wont be shown live, ESPN has it staring at 10pm and with the time difference it starts some time in the afternoon. I don't know if they will stream it on the UFC website but even if they do I will probably just watch the TV version and try and avoid the internet.

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