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WAW Epic studios in Norwich. 10th Nov dvd out now


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WAW Return to Epic studios Saturday 10th November 7-30pm after a sell in September for the King of the Ring event WAW are promising an even better show this time round. Two league Matches from the nearly formed Golden Road competition will be part of an exciting lineup in one of the best wrestling venues in the UK.


News and updates will appear here on a regular basis leading up to the show.


Tickets for this event are available now at


10 pounds adult 8 child 30 family of four.


tel 0800 046 8164/01603 920636 12pm-8pm


0800 046 2832/07880 977 512 10am-10pm


online at www.wawuk.co.uk

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The hooligans will be in a three stages of hell match at epic studios, stage 1 pinfall stage two submission stage 3 tables, ladders and chairs. three teams will take part, the hooligans v metalheads v one other team to be named.

Each stage is a point, first team to win two stages is the winner of the match. to make it interesting and being fighting champions the hooligans are putting their RQW European belts on the line.

Yet another fantastic match for WAW Wrestling, Epic encounters 3 book your tickets now.

tel 01603-920636/07880 977 512

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Updated card for WAW Wrestling Epic studios saturday 10th november 7-30pm.

Three stages of hell tag team tag challenge for RQW European campionships and belt.

The Hooligans, c v Metalheads v Phil Powers/Joey Osbourne.


WAW European Title and Belt.

Aron Frost c v Aaron Sharpe.


King Kendo v Scott Fusion.


Marco Marinelli v Brett Meadows.


Golden Road cruiserweight division matches.


Jonny Storm v Alex Young.


Matt Walters v Kid Lygos


Emillio Ecillente v Peter Nixon, Brad Slayer had to withdraw.


Excellent night of pro wrestling to take avantage of cheaper tickets in advance, block bookings or parties.

Tel 01603-920636 or 07880 977 512

Tickets available at door on night of show, please note they are dearer.

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2 Years ago was looking at the preview i wrote for Autumn Annihalation in 2010 and after reading through it decided that im gonna do one for this show.


RQW European Tag Team Championship

Three Stages of Hell Tag Team Match 1st Fall...Pinfall - 2nd Fall...Submission - 3rd Fall...Tables, Ladders & Chairs

The Hooligans (Roy and Zak Knight)

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results from Epic studios.


Golden road cruiserweight tournament.


Emilio Excillente bt Peter Nixon.


Jonny Storm and Alex Young drew after a double pinfall.


Matt Walters bt Kid Lycos


WAW European title Match.


Aron Frost v Aaron Sharpe was called a no contest when a clash of heads left both men injured and Sharpe unconscious.


Brett Meadows bt Marco Marinelli after marinelli failed to get back into the ring before a ten count after his manager Sam Knee seemed to get in his way.


King Kendo and Scott fusion went to a double count out when Scott fusion went for a cross body from the top rope to the outside which seemed to take it out of both men.


Three stages of hell match


Hooligans retained the RQW European tag titles when beating The metalheads and Phil Powers and Joey Osbourne combination.


Stage one pinfall went to Powers/Osbourne


stage 2 submission to Hooligans.


Stage 3 Won by hooligans went Zak Knight Climbed the ladder to get the belts suspended above the ring. This stage was brutal.



Scott Edgar

Joe Penny.



Mike Mann.

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