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The World Association of Wrestling is proud to announce the first ever 'Golden Road' Cruiserweight League. In the coming weeks 10 hand picked competitors will be announced to form the first league table. In the weeks that follow every man will compete against every other man. Each victory will secure a wrestler 3 points. After the conclusion of the league matches the top 2 wrestlers will fight in a triple threat match against a guest superstar wrestler to become the new RQW Cruiserweight Champion.


The RQW Cruiserweight championship is a belt that has been competed for all over the UK and has been held by many of the UKs best known stars. And now it has landed in the WAW in a bid to increase its ever growing reputation. The agreement was recently announced to make WAW the new home for all of the RQW titles and at the last show in Norwich at Epic Studios The Hooligans (Roy and Zak Knight) became the new RQW European Tag Team champions. The WAW roster are now looking forward to the chance to fight for the Cruiserweight belt.






The first man announced to take part in the Golden Road Cruiserweight League is none other that current co-holder of the WAW British Tag Team championships 'Shooting Star' Alex Young. Although currently holding the prestigious WAW British tag team titles Alex is no stranger to singles competition having previously held the WAW Academy title and competing against many of the upper echelon of WAW stars. Young will be looking to increase his already growing reputation by adding the RQW Cruiserweight championship to his already impressive resume.

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A good first entrant Alex a former 2x WAW Academy Champion, former WAW Under 23 Champion and WAW Light Heavyweight Champion, providing Alex is the first entrant hes a clear favourite already with 9 more names to go, im looking forward to some cracking matches in this League!!


Others id like to see include Brad Slayer, Chuck Cyrus, Peter Nixon, TJ Daniels, Stan, etc plenty of good Cruiserweights in WAW and can even bring in people who have been in WAW before like Victor Dale (Norway), Sir Robin (Belgium), Miguel Perez (Mexico), etc

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Joey Hayes


CJ Banks


Jack Gallagher


Danny Steel


Chuck Cyrus


Kris Travis


Martin Kirby


Noam Dar


El Ligero


Mark Haskins


Lion Kid




Paul Robinson


Ashley Reed



A lot of good cruiserweights in the UK at the moment who would make this a fantastic league

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WAW are proud to announce that the second entrant into the Golden Road Cruiserweight League will be none other than UK wrestling mainstay Jonny Storm. The addition of 'The Wonderkid' instantly adds a level of credibility to the competition as he has been a stand out performer up and down the country for many years. Storm has competed all over the UK for every major promotion and has won titles throughout his career, and he will be eager to prove that he is still one of the best cruiserweights in Europe by winning the RQW European Cruiserweight Championship. It is an impossible task to name all of the promotions that the near 15 year veteran has competed for but it is possible to see how this experience is going to make him a firm favourite going into the League. The WAW fans will be eager to see Jonny Storm in action at upcoming events.


More announcements coming soon...

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This is a good announcement. Nice to see Jonny Storm involved. As I have said previously I really enjoyed Jonny Storm v Chuck Cyrus at Cambridge so hopefully Chuck will be in this as well to get the rematch. Also Alex Young v Jonny Storm will be a good match

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Jonny Storm, no one mentioned him before he was announced so a very nice surprise entrant, worked in WAW before and had encounters with Alex Young, Chuck Cyrus and others was also the first WAW Lightweight Champion and held the title for over 3 years. Gotta say looking forward to this tournament more then ever now. and this is only 2 entrants, still another 8 to go, exciting times indeed :thumbsup:

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