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TIW - The Big One - 26th October, Mansfield


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On October 26th at Forest Town Welfare, Mansfield, TIW will be holding their biggest show to date. On this show, the brand new TIW Heavyweight Title belt will be unveiled and the first ever Champion will be crowned in the main event 6 Man Gauntlet match.


4 of the participents have already been determined in qualifying matches throughout the last 10 months. Already in the match we have:


"Special Edition" Joseph Connors (Won an 8 man single night tournament)

"The Hammer" Marc Scott (Defeated "Psycho" Stevie Flynt in a falls count anywhere match)

"Adrenalin" Danny Chase (Won a triple threat ladder match)

Bam Bam Barton (Defeated his tag team partner Joseph Connors)


The final two spots will be filled on the night. Firstly in a last chance match. The second will be a wildcard chosen by the TIW Enforcer, Shane Flint.


Matches Announced:


TIW Heavyweight Title Gauntlet

Joseph Conners VS Marc Scott Vs Danny Chase Vs Bam Bam Barton Vs 4 Way Winner Vs "Wildcard"


Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match

Winner will enter the Gauntlet Match

Danny Steel Vs Lewy Paridise Vs "The Heat" LJ Heron Vs "Lucious" Lucas Black


Loser is Fired Last Man Standing Match

"Psycho" Stevie Flynt Vs The Donny Bull


Grudge Match

"Diamond" Dave Andrews Vs Nate Colt


Singles Match

Flex Buffington Vs Mad Man Manson



Further details about the qualifying matches can be found on the TIW website at www.thisiswrestling.co.uk. Advance tickets can also be purchased here.


More matches are to be announced, so keep your eyes open.



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The second match announced for the show is a heated rivalry dating back almost 6 months. During a show ion Forest Town at the beginning of the year, The Donny Bull was sceduled to face "The Big Dog" Rainz in a super heavyweight match, but when Rainz didn't/couldn't answer his music, Bull was left in the ring by himself.


Trying to prove that he was the most dominent member of the TIW roster he turned his sights to the TIW Enforcer, Shane Flynt. In his prime, The Original Psycho would have been more than happy to take him up on the offer, but now retired, the match couldn't happen and Bull knew it. So after pushing and pushing and all also verbally threatening Shane's 10 year old son, out stepped Shane's oldest son, Psycho Stevie Flynt to defend the families honor. Although, he gave up a good fight, Bull was too strong for him and Stevie eventually lost, conceding to a Bull Hole Slam.


At the following show in Woodhouse, Stevie would again try to get his revenge by challenging the Bull to a re-match. Again Bull's stength was too much for him and Stevie was left with another loss to his name.


Not content with beating Stevie twice, at the following show, when Stevie was placed in charge for the evening when Shane was forced away with a family emergency, right at the beginning of the show he was attacked from behind by the Donny Bull and was left with no chance to defend himself and was injured by the Bull when he delivered a devestating sit out back breaker. This left the show being run, by the announcer Glenn Bird. Later in the evening Bull entered the building again, for his match, which going along with the theme of the evening he was able to pick his opponent. at this point the Bull started wandering through the crowd looking for someone to Bully and eventually stopped by a young fan. When the Bull admitted that he recognised the fan, he asked him to confirm his name, Calvin Flynt, Stevie's 13 year old son.


The Bull threw Calvin into the ring and began beating down on the teenager and although Calvin showed that he had the Psycho geans by punching the Bull in the face he was eventually another victom of the Bull Hole Slam. At this point both Stevie and Shane returned to the venue and delivered a devestating double chokeslam to the 30 stone Bull.


After the match it was anouced that on Oct 26th in Forest Town, Stevie and Bull would meet in the ring one more time, this time in a Last Man Standing Match and the loser of the match would be fired! This may be putting a lot of pressure on Stevie, but will he be able to make up for the previous losses and defend the honour of his family by finally ridding TIW of the Donny Bull?

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Third Match Now announced:


Two long time friends will meet in the ring on October 26th. "Diamond" Dave Andrews and Nate Colt have been friends for years, both starting out in the business together and even teaming together on TIW's return show in September 2011, al be it in a losing effort against Bam Bam Barton & Joseph Connors. The two friends have been through a lot together.


But back at our last show in Mansfield Woodhouse, Colt turned his back on Andrews when he joined forces with Flex Buffington, by hitting Andrews with a wrench and allowing Flex to pick up the win. It was later revealed that Flex was now Colts new mentor and was to teach him just how to be as "defined" & as "massive" as himself. It seems that Colt has been brainwashed by The Flex Express.


On October 26th not only will DDA be looking revenge, but Colt will also be looking to put his new found training regime into action and prove that he is now better than his previous companion.


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4th match announced:


In what promises to be one of the highlights of the show, the self proclaimed "Flex Express" Flex Buffington has challenged a man making only his second appearence for TIW and his first appearenc since 2008, Mad Man Manson, to match on October 26th.


These two men have very different styles, but one thing is very simular about the men and that is they both live completely different planets to the rest of us. Flex is under the impression that his "physique" makes him a near God. Whilst Manson is under the impression that God is some sort of goat like creature that only feasts on gummy worms and can recite the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy page for page.


Either way this match is not be missed and whilst we can guarentee that one man will turn up in a straight jacket, it is very likely that both men will end up going home in one.

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Final Match now announced for the show.


As previously mentioned, the Main Event of this show will be a 6 Man Gauntlet match to crown the first TIW Heavyweight Champion.


Four men have already been announced:


"Special Edition" Joseph Connors

"The Hammer" Marc Scott

"Adrenalin" Danny Chase

Bam Bam Barton


The fifth spot will be a Wildcard chosen on the night by TIW Enforcer Shane Flint. This could be someone already on the show, a debut wrestler or a blast from the past, but this will not announced until the man enters the match. Lets hope this keeps the rest of the participants on their toes.


The Sixth spot will be competed for on the night in a Four-Way elimination match between:


Danny Steel vs Lewy Paridise vs "The Heat" LJ Heron vs "Lucious" Lucas Black


This will mean that the winner of this match must defeat the three men in this match, before commencing to the Gauntlet match. Depending on the luck of the draw its a possibility they may then have go through an additional 5 men, if they want to be crowned the Heavyweight Champ.

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Results from Friday night.Opening the show TIW Enforcer, Shane Flint announced that the special ring announcer for the evening would be Rob Maltman of Harborough Fm who did a fantastic job throughout the evening.The Opening contest saw LJ Heron winning a fatal 4 way to qualify for the evening main event gaunlet match for the TIW Title.The second match of the evening saw the ever popular Diamond Dave Andrews defeating his former friend Nate Colt with the trustee RKO.After the match Nate Colt was belittled by his Trainer Flex Buffington who was also on the losing end against Mad Man Manson.The forth match saw Stevie Flynt losing his TIW contract in a brutal Last Man Standing match against the still Undefeated Donny Bull.After the intermission it was time for the main event.The first two entrants into the Gauntlet were "Adrenalin" Danny Chase and "The Hammer" Marc Scott, with Chase narrowly picking up the win.The next entrant was Joseph Connors who appeared from underneath the ring and rolled up Chase for the quick 3 count.Up next was the "Wildcard" in the match and none come wilder than Mad Man Manson. After a very close contest Connors managed pick up his first ever win over Manson.Connors next opponent was the man who qualified earlier in the evening, LJ Heron. Connors was at his devious best again though and managed to sneak his way into the final two.The final entrant was Connors' tag team partner, Bam Bam Barton. Connors was already in celebration mode at this point and handed his partner the belt to put around his waist. Although Barton had other ideas and the match commenced. After a long brutal match, which saw the TIW roster entering the stage area to view the match, Barton picked up the win to become the first TIW Heavyweight Champion. TIW would like to thank all that attended and mde the night such a success. I know a few people from this forum were there, so it would be great to get some feedback about the show.

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