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UFC 153: Silva vs Bonnar


Who wins and how?  

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Only 6 days away.





Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Dave Herman

Glover Teixeira vs Fabio Maldonado

Jon Fitch vs Erick Silva

Phil Davis vs Wagner Prado

Demian Maia vs Rick Story



Rony 'Jason' Mariano Bezerra vs Sam Sicilia

Gleison Tibau vs Francisco Trinaldo

Diego Brandao vs Joey Gambino

Sergio Moraes vs Renee Forte



Luiz Cane vs Chris Camozzi

Reza Madadi vs Cristiano Marcello


Well this card resembles nothing of the original lineup...



Let's see;


Eric Koch








But then;



Crashed his bike. Injured.








Pity this fool. He got injured as well.


And of course the whole UFC 151 balls up meant the Belfort vs Belcher fight went tits up. Belfort had other things to do...



followed by...



Or the better version...





Sizzle my sausage.


What a difference and injury bug can make.


So it left the UFC to basically rebuild the card from scratch. And they didn't do a bad job at all. Now we've got...


Consensus pound for pound MMA king Anderson Silva



Who got the call as his opponent?




Chael Sonnen? Rashad Evans? No.




Stephan Bonnar.




Stephan Bonnar.




Stephan Bon...




The Rocky Balboa of MMA getting his once in a lifetime chance.





Stephan Balboa vs Apollo Silva.


No doubt 'The American Psycho' will have been doing the usual stuff;


Chasing his chicken



Dragging a fat bloke (probably Roy Nelson) through the snow



Running up the steps of his local college (hopefully he doesn't get confused for a Savile)



Beating his meat (ooh err), again hopefully not near the college.



Now then, now then.



And of course...



Er this has fucked me up. He won't be running with his opponent obviously. Probably his new training buddy 'Brassbody' Batista. Yeah. Anderson won't have shit for Bonnar, he's walked a thousand miles through Big Dave's pit of danger.


He'll be listening to this every waking moment as well;


Elsewhere on the card...


Everyone's Brazilian best mate...




Uncle Nog. He's mates with Rocky BalBonnar as well;



He's returning from this...





He'll be fighting this...thing






MMA's body shot master Fabio Maldonado





Either the next big thing at 205 or another Lombard hype job, Glover Teixeira





Jon 'Nytol' Fitch



As always, with the full support of his soul mate Josh Koscheck



will be fighting the Brazilian Bruce Lee, Erick Silva



Wagner Prado



looks for revenge on the 'Human Triangle' Phil Davis



We've also got Demian Maia vs Rick Story




...it will be a fight not a gurning contest.


Demian Maia, I'm sure you'll all be jealous to know, he's had Cris Cyborg between his legs recently...



Cyborg's on the market again now for any single men interested...



Don't all bombard him with smutty emails at once.


And on the prelims...



(Rony) Jason Vorhees (Mariano Bezerra) fittingly fighting on the 13th of October. Not Friday though.


Looks like a fantastic show. Hopefully it stays intact. Only 6 days, surely it will.


And for anyone who hasn't seen it, the UFC 153 promo featuring Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin;



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Yeah good work.


Nah, I am rooting for Anderson. Despite being a Chael fan, I am also a huge Silva fan, his skill, accuracy and technique I have always respected, but I have come to like him a great deal in recent years, Like Water helped that a lot.


Edit: Oh and Gonzaga is not fighting as of now, he is just a stand in in case Nog another HW gets injured.

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Edit: Oh and Gonzaga is not fighting as of now, he is just a stand in in case Nog another HW gets injured.


Really? Ah bollocks, can't be arsed to edit it again.


I'm rooting for Bonnar but I'm a fan of both. In a way though, if Bonnar somehow pulled this off that kills the Anderson vs GSP fight. So I'm kind of split on this. Basically I'll be happy either way.

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I was waiting/hoping wandshogun09 would do the opening post the same way, it's your gimmick now ;).


Can Stephan Bonnar end the UFC undefeated streak of Anderon Silva? Will Anderson Silva extend his record and go 16-0? Can Stephan Bonnar keep his record of never getting stopped by strikes or submitted?


When the fight was announced I thought Anderson Silva would win and Stephan Bonnar would keep those records. I still think the same way but if anybody can stop Bonnar by strikes/submission, it's Anderson.


And for anyone who hasn't seen it, the UFC 153 promo featuring Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin;


Watched this a couple of times since it first aired. One of the best ever UFC commercials. I love the look Stephan Bonnar gives from 0:49-0:51.




A couple of other thoughts outside of the main event: Hope Big Nog wins and Jon Fitch loses. Assuming we're in agreement on that?

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A couple of other thoughts outside of the main event: Hope Big Nog wins and Jon Fitch loses. Assuming we're in agreement on that?

It'll surprise no one to learn that I'm a Fitch fan, and want to see him win.


I forgot about that. Sorry. Be interesting to see how Fitch does in his first fight from getting knocked out by Johny Hendricks in 12 seconds at UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem.

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I'm picking Fitch. As much of an exciting prospect as Erick Silva looks so far this is Jon Fitch. He's not everyone's cup of tea but one thing he does well (usually) is win.


He got caught fair and square by Hendricks but to be honest I'd pick Fitch to beat him in a rematch. I don't think lightning will strike twice.


We haven't seen Silva's ground game really tested yet. In fact we haven't seen enough of Silva full stop in my opinion that would make him a logical pick to beat Fitch. Fitch is a huge step up which I'm not sure he's ready for.


If Silva does beat Fitch though, he's top level. End of. It would immediately put him "in the mix" as Dana loves to say. Really interesting fight.


EDIT , Happy Birthday David :)

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I kind of want Bonnar to win, I do like him, but I don't really fancy his chances. You never know though, Bonnar has some good power so he might get lucky and clip Silva. I see Big Nog destroying Peewee, but you never know when coming back so soon off a big injury like that. Erick Silva will hopefully smash Fitch, otherwise Fitch will just grind out another boring win. Texeira is either going to meet the hype or not.

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Great post Wand.


While I'm most looking foward to Silva vs. Bonnar, the rest of the card looks great as well. I'm a big Silva fan, but I don't think I would even care if Bonnar won, I won't be supporting Bonnar, but if he wins then great because it would be unreal. Silva KO in the first for me though.


I've never had a problem with Jon Fitch and I'll be picking him to win, but I do hope Silva beats him. Silva has looked great so far so I want to see him go on a nice win streak.


As for the rest of the card I'm thinking that Nog, Teixeira, Davis and Maia will pick up wins.


A few guys I like are fighting on the prelims as well - Jason, Tibau and Brandao. I'm looking forward to Saturday night for sure.

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According to the 153 media call there's next to no chance of us seeing Anderson fight Jon Jones;


UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva said he will not move up to fight light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, quashing all hopes of a possible mega-bout.


Silva made his reasons known Thursday during a media call to promote his upcoming 205-pound bout against Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153 on Oct. 13 in Rio de Janeiro.


"There's always been a lot of talk about me moving up to 205," said Silva, who successfully has defended his title a UFC-record 10 times. "I know (UFC president) Dana (White) has talked about it and all the fans have talked about me moving up and facing Jon Jones.


"But it's something I've never wanted. I won't be pretentious and say that I'd want to move up, especially because there are other guys in the weight class and on our team like Rafael Feijao (Cavalcante) and (Antonio Rogerio) Minotoro Nogueira, guys who could potentially face Jon Jones in the future.


"What got me this far is that I'm grounded; my weight class is 185 and I'm 37 years old. I feel I need to be honest and continue to build what I've built and that is to keep defending my belt at 185."


Silva previously stated his respect for Jones is the reason he would not move up a weight class to fight him. That explanation, however, gave hope to mixed martial arts fans that a bout with Jones remained possible.


Hopes of a Silva-Jones bout were heightened in recent months by talk of another high profile fight between Silva and welterweight champion Georges St Pierre. Each fighter has expressed a desire to fight one another.


That fight could happen next year if St. Pierre defeats interim 170-pound titleholder Carlos Condit at UFC 154 on Nov. 17 in Montreal.

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Yeah they've both repeatedly shot any chance of that fight down. Dana's trying to stir shit though. At one of the post-fight media scrums recently he was saying something like Jones was criticizing Anderson's wrestling in an interview. He's clearly hoping that friendship doesn't last.


A few guys I like are fighting on the prelims as well - Jason, Tibau and Brandao. I'm looking forward to Saturday night for sure.


Look out for Tibau's opponent, Francisco Trinaldo as well if you haven't seen him. He fought at 185 on TUF Brazil and wrecked his opponent at UFC 147. And that wasn't even his weight class. Despite looking massive he's fought most of his career at 155 and he's going back to that weight now.






Tibau's a proper test though. I'm really looking forward to that one.

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