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RAW 2001 2002 & SD 2001 2002 Unwanted DVD sets for sale!


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Hey Everyone, a few months ago my friend bought dvd sets of RAW 2001 & 2002 and SD 2001 & 2002 complete seasons with cases and covers. He said he regretted buying them because he had just started a new job with horrbile hours and now will never have time to watch them. He paid quite a bit of money for them, he isn't expecting the same amount back but he will consider any decent offer you have, they are VHS rips on DVDs but they are good quality, they have only been played to make sure they are ALL working. He's looking for the best offer he can get for them!


If anyone is interested Please email him at... glasgow1991@hotmail.co.uk


Thanks guys, hope you can help!

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