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Celebrities Worst Kept Secrets

Egg Shen

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don't know if the title of the thread is what i mean, but i'll explain. Obviously now with the Jimmy Savill scandal going around the media is coming out that it was common knowledge amongt TV execs that Saville was always a bit of a paedo, or so they say.


Anyway's the point of thread is to highlight other examples of celebrities that almost feel protected by their celebrity status depsite it being common knowledge amongst co-workes, friends, people in the know etc.


For example (i posted this in the This is the News thread), Joey Barton recently tweeted about threatening to unearth some dirt on the squeaky clean Gary Linekar, it was never alluded to as to what it what, but someone made mention in that thread that people know what Barton is supposedly making reference too? i don't so could someone please enlighten me?


Another vague example was Craig Bellamy being interviewed by someone about John Terry's affair with Wayne Bridge's wife, Bellamy's response was along the lines of 'im not surprised everybody knows what JT is like?', pretty much making out that Terry's abit of an arsehole.


Another is the one i was not aware of until reading autopbiography is that Robbie Fowler was routinely seen as being a coke-head, i didn't know until then that that's what led to the infamous snorting the touchline celebration. Fowler predictably denies it all but all the accusation leads me to believe that there's some truth to the rumor.




Any other example people can think of?

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