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Outfits worn while the real ones were being made


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Sorry about the blunt thread title, but that's sort of what I'm getting at. Wrestlers always used to start off with a piss poor version of what they would eventually wear as their trademark. Its only in recent history wrestlers have actually started making their gear before the storyline starts. Here's what I'm talking about.


Jeff Jarrett 98:


A shirt made by a woman on the market in Blackpool (probably). Generic red shirt with his new catchphrase on it. Wasn't for sale and the WWF eventually made them, but Jeff wasn't hanging about. Looked pretty crap to be honest.


Hollywood Hogan 96:


First of all, that isn't even a real nWo shirt. It looks like he's chalked it up himself on a black t-shirt. Secondly he's wearing his black "Hulkster" belt from the Dungeon of Doom days. It just always looked odd. Like he still hadnt found the right look and the nWo shirts still hadnt hit the market.


Triple H 99:


Post heel turn Triple H saw him change into short trunks for the first time in the WWF. While his lovely leather "HHH" ones were being made he had to make do with the short part of his WrestleMania 15 pants. I remember hating them at the time. He always had such great outfits. These ones were especially shit. They didnt last long but I'll take the memory to my grave.


Scott Steiner 98:


Says it all really. Just his old Steiner Brothers gear with bits of nWo airbrushing on it. Not the Big Poppa Pump we knew and loved. He'd come later.

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Yeah, that was the precursor to his 97, 98 Hell in the Cell garb. The transition between that and the purple glove look. He did wear a couple of things just once though. A hideous set of Deadman Inc tights similar to his t-shirt at (i think) Armageddon 2001 and those snakeskin badboys against angle at Survivors 2000.

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This is a bit off topic, but Angle's been wearing this new singlet recently that says "ANGLE" on the thigh, except each letter is in different colours and the N and L are practically invisible, meaning all you can read is "AGE".


Also, Angle is big again. Look at the size of his neck.

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