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Holiday Souvenir 'Tat'

John Matrix

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Just got back from a week in Tunisia and found some wonderful tat amongst the sea of 'souvenir' shops.


I wish i'd had the balls to take pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


Favourite finds were:


- A wristwatch with Barcelona logos on the strap and a picture of Zinedine Zindane in a Juventus shirt as the main face.


- An "I love Libya" handbag with Bob Marley lining.


- A Bongo drum with Tunisia painted on one side and Michael Jackson's face on the other.


I wish i understood the logic. Anyone else found these sorts of gems abroad?

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A very good friend of mine came back from Tunisia with woderful gifts for all of our group of mates.


Whilst doing the mandatory market shopping, he and his Father stumbled into a large tent and to their shock realised they'd found a auction for women to be added to your hareem.


His Dad had a cheeky opening bid as a joke on one of the lasses. He obviously lost to higher bids after that, however he was approached by a worker in the tent and presented with a keyring with a picture of the woman he'd lost out on as a memento and a gift of her appreciation for being bid on.


Cue my mate and his dad first bidding on an abundance of women and getting a plethora of keyrings to hand out to their friends when they got back to the UK.


I still have my little photo of the woman that had been bidded on for me on my key set.


Great, tatty gift, with a wonderful story behind it.

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