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Google adds "Bacon Number" function

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You may or may not have heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon theory. It's an extension of Six Degrees of Separation which states that the vast majority of actors on this earth can be linked to Kevin Bacon by six degrees of collaboration or less. Using this, you can calculate an actor's "Bacon Number". For example, Kevin Bacon's Bacon Number is 0. Tom Hanks' is 1, because he was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon. Leonardo DiCaprio's is 2, because he was in Catch Me If You Can with Tom Hanks (alternatively, because he was in Inception with Ellen Page, who was in Super with Kevin Bacon).


Well, now, to make the whole process easier, Google has made the logical next step from having a calculator, currency converter, international clocks and sport fixtures, and has included a Bacon Number function. If you search "[name of actor] bacon number", it'll tell you. It's not perfect - Nigel McGuinness is incorrectly listed as a 4 when he's actually a 2, and some wrestling shows are included while others aren't (I'd exclude all of them if we're playing to proper rules).


The upshot of this is that loads of people are coming out with stunningly low Bacon Numbers. For example, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and Charlie Chaplin are all 2s. So are Barrack Obama, Dave Grohl and OJ Simpson. Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean and Anne Frank are all 3s. The highest I've found that didn't involve a wrestling show was William Roache, who's a 4.


So go forth and bring back Bacon Numbers. Post them here. This could develop into some great discussion or be a fun list of surprising connections. Or it could die on its arse. You decide. I'll stick a list of wrestlers here (spoilered for size) and update it as we find more.


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

Andre The Giant - 2

Hulk Hogan - 2

Kurrgan - 2

Randy Orton - 2

Roddy Piper - 2

Ted DiBiase - 3

Ted DiBiase Jnr - 2

Terry Funk - 2

The Big Show - 3

Vince McMahon - 2

Kane - 3

The Undertaker - 2

Kevin Nash - 2

Scott Hall - 3

The Rock - 2

Steve Austin - 2

Rey Mysterio - 2



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