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FutureShock 62! Sunday Oct 7th! Stockport Guildhall!

Futureshock Wrestling

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The fallout from the tumultuous ending to International SuperShow's main event starts here as FutureShock returns to the Stockport Guildhall for FutureShock 62!.




With Futureshock Wrestling reeling still from crowning a new champion, one who has reportedly taken the belt to the States already and has yet not agreed to a scheduled appearance again this year, we are now left with a former Champion looking for a rematch, a new Number One Contender looking to cash in his shot and also on October 7th we have the opening round of the annual FutureShock Trophy Tournament. The winner of the tournament enters 2013 with a Title opportunity they can use at their discretion. And it seems news of Davey Richard's win has really opened up the field as applications to compete have come in from every direction including reigning champions from a number of other high calibre British Promotions. Winning the Tournament is seen as a major step on the road to becoming FutureShock Champion, 5 of the 6 previous winners have gone on to hold the Championship itself.



The first match in FutureShock 62! Pro-Wrestling's opening round looks set to pit a disgruntled former Tournament winner and FutureShock Champion against a man seen as the pinnacle of British Wrestling at the moment and the 1st of 4 entrants that already hold Championship Gold elsewhere in the NorthWest.

Hold on to your seats as we bring you, for the first time ever in singles competition:

The One and Only Dave Rayne vs Kris Travis!





FutureShock originally Simon Valour returns to singles competition to take on Cyanide.

Valour's return to action was prompted after Cyanides manager Chris Egan took exception to Valour's presence at ringside back in June... and Egan assaulted Valour with a pint glass!


Valour opted to settle the issue "The Wrestling Way" and requested to return to in-ring action leading to his return at July's Last Chance Saloon, where Valour eliminated Cyanide from contention.


Now with Valour set to go one on one with Egan's monster in the 1st round of the Tournament the question is set to be answered.. Can Valour overcome the odds here? Is winning even on his mind or is payback all this hard=hitting competitor wants?


Simon Valour Vs Cyanide





The 3rd of our opening round Trophy Tournament matches involves two complete wild cards.

Both these men are Champions in their own rights at other respected promotions in the NorthWest (two of four such champions involved in the tournament)

Now both men look to earn a shot at the coveted Futureshock Wrestling Championship. The two companies these men represent are no strangers to heated encounters and now they bring their battle to the Stockport Guildhall!

On October 7th at FutureShock 62! battling for the chance to become FutureShock Champion it will be:


Martin Kirby VS Jonny Phere!





Since debuting a little under a year ago Futureshock Wrestling trainee Josh Bodom. has been making waves and gaining popularity and momentum. In his debut match he came within a whisker of an upset FutureShock Title victory and since then has faced some of the best in the UK today in Cyanide, CJ Banks and Bubblegum but didn't, until International SuperShow, manage to get that all important first win.

Now having downed the monstrous Bedlam it could mean that Bodom has turned that all important corner. And what better way to test that theory than to face one of his biggest challenges to date?

CJ Banks enters the Tournament with the odds firmly in his favour. Not only is he the 2011 Trophy Holder but he is also the 4th entrant into the tournament to hold Championship Gold elsewhere in the North-West.

Will Juice be the first man in FutureShock history to hold 2 Trophies? Or will Bodom ride the wave he's created?

Join us on October 7th at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall to find out!


Josh Bodom Vs CJ Banks





Also Set to appear: Jack Gallagher, Zack Diamond Gibson, The Models, Notorious BAD and more!


FutureShock 62! - Stockport Masonic Guildhall

Sunday 7th October 2012

Stockport Guildhall

Wellington Road South (A6)

Stockport, Cheshire



Doors open: 17.30

Show starts: 18:00



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****Latest match Announcements****


After a lot of hard work from Futureshock Wrestling management we are now able to finally announce to you the Main Event for this Sundays event!
Do not miss FutureShock 62! Pro-Wrestling on Sunday 7th October as we have the rematch to end all rematches as Jack Gallagher challenges current FutureShock Champion Davey Richards for the FutureShock Championship!


After taking home the win at International SuperShow reigning FutureShock Women's Champion April Davids has been chomping at the bit to face another great challenger. FutureShock management decided to look a little further afield this time and happily dipped into Scotland's rich talent pool to bring you one of their best and brightest.
On October 7th it will be April Davids vs Nikki Storm!


The cream of our acclaimed Tag Division go to war on Sunday October 7th as the Tag Team Champions: The Models team with the Blackpool Blonds to take on fan favourites Notorious BAD and the Wristlock Rovers!

Do not miss out on all the action as this Sunday's event is shaping up to be white-hot!

Front Row is sold out but advanced tickets are still available via Skiddle

Also Available for pre-order now See JAck take on Davey at FutureShock biggest stage to date: Order now for immediate dispatch and free p&P

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Just curious, hopefully my fears are unfounded here.....


Davey's wrestling for ROH in Rahway, NJ the night before. Bell time is 7:30pm. I know that Philadelphia offers a direct flight to Manchester, but Philly airport is an hour and a half away and the flight leaves at 08:40.


Newark airport is close by as is JFK but they could still be a good half hour/hour away.


I'm just worrying as the last time Davey was going to do a flight like this, he even worked an afternoon show rather than the evening the day before and he still didn't make it to England.

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Actually glad I've been able to post a reply to my earlier post as I posted that when I was rushed on a break.


I'm sure the reason why the Davey announcement has come so last minute as they have probably 100% arranged that Davey can make this show.


But with Davey's track record and the tightness involved in working the night before flying out when I'm more experienced with international flights being over night.

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I was a bit "m'eh" towards this card, it will be my first Futureshock show because the me & the mrs are visiting an old friend of hers in manchester and thought I should make the most out of a chance to check out Futureshock. This main event announcement made me feel a whole lot better about going! Haven't seen Davey a whole lot, the 2 times he was booked by IPW/Rev Pro he pulled out, so fingers crossed.

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It's with deepest regret that we at Futureshock Wrestling have to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control Davey Richards will NOT be in attendance at this Sundays event.


We have never in our near decade of running pro-wrestling events had to cancel a match like this.

We pride ourselves on being a well organised promotion that delivers on our promises and we always strive to put on the best possible events for our amazing and loyal fanbase.

We did everything in our power to ensure that Davey would be here to defend the Championship against Jack and hope we can bring you another great installment in their standout series of matches soon.


We are hoping to provide word from the reigning FutureShock Champion to provide more details on this turn of events as soon as possible.


If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to contact us on FutureShockWrestling@live.co.uk


Once again we are very sorry that this situation has arose.


We do hope you will all still join us for FutureShock62 for what we believe is one of the strongest cards we've ever promoted.

featuring Dave Rayne Vs Kris Travis, Martin Kirby Vs Johnny Phere, April Davids Vs Nikki Storm and so much more.

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