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ICW Fear and Loathing V

The Cum Doctor

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The main even for this is going to be fan-fucking-tastic, as will the rest of the card probably. I'm unbelievably gutted that I won't be able to make it because of work.


I predict(hope for) a win for Wolfgang, the guy's been brilliant this year.

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This may sound completely mental, but I'm hoping that they give us some sort of swerve in the form of Lightning, Scott & Lionheart turning on Wolfgang and forming a new three man stable.


I may have missed it, but didn't Lightning say that Lionheart had refused to give them a decision either way last Sunday? It was only Wolfgang who was vocal about not joining forces again, was it not?

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Results anyone????


Four Way Tag Match- STi beat The Bucky Boys (by pinfall), Fight Club and the Coffeys to retain the ICW Tag Team Titles


April Davids beat Kay Lee Ray by DQ when Carmel attacked April


Chris Renfrew beat Christopher by pinfall ( During the match BT Gunn attacked Christopher)


Mikey Whiplash beat Grado by Submission


The Polo Lounge with Jamie Feerick , Scott Maverick came out and argued with Feerick


TJ Rage and Scott Maverick ended a no contest


BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew had a staredown, Renfrew refused to fight, BT Gunn cut his hair .


Jack Jester (who now hates Ryan Air for f**king up his flight to Germany) beat Jamie Feerick by Pinfall


Red Lightning beat Wolfgang, Lionheart and Noam Dar (a substitute for James Scott) to Retain the ICW Heavyweight Championship


Order of Elimination

1-Noam Dar was pinned by Red Lightning

2-Lionheart was pinned by Red Lightning

3-Wolfgang was pinned by Red Lightning

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