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Wrestle Zone Wrestling


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Just noticed wZw was mentioned in another thread, which got me then looking at wZw videos on youtube for a trip down memory lane....


For those who don't know who wZw where, it was a promotion based in the North East which ran from I think 2003 until 2006 if I remember correct. wZw held 2 tours of Carlise and Scotland but also ran shows all over the North East. Many big wrestling stars appeared on wZw shows during its run including the likes of Mick Foley, D.Lo Brown, Raven, Sandman, Brian Danielson (current WWE star Daniel Bryan), Jake the Snake, Samoa Joe, Petey Williams among others...wZw offered in my opinion the best in wrestling entertainment and production Northern, England has ever seen...


Here are some of my favourite videos from youtube and not just the ones I'm refereeing on lol


(Empire Stikes Back in Peterlee)


(Dumfries Scotland part of wZw first tour feat Jake without his Snake Roberts)


(Full Pack vs Super Dragon and El Generico Independence Day show)


(Duel Nations feat Drew McIntyre)
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