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"It was 20 years ago, Vinny Mac brought the band to play..."

Fat Boy Mendoza

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It's just gone midnight so...........


Despite the fact that this is one of the most talked about threads of each year I think it is fitting to remember the 20 year anniversary of the biggest wrestling show ever to be held on British soil.


"Eighty Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty Five people jam packed Wembley Stadium to witness the spectacle of the summer. I'm talking about Summerslam !"


The card for the show was:


Dark Jim Duggan &The Bushwhackers defeated The Mountie and The Nasty Boys (with Jimmy Hart) - 12:33

Dark Papa Shango defeated Tito Santana - 06:00

1 The Legion of Doom (with Paul Ellering) defeated Money Inc. (with Jimmy Hart) - 15:10

2 Nailz defeated Virgil - 03:55

3 Shawn Michaels (with Sensational Sherri) fought Rick Martel to a double countout - 08:06

4 The Natural Disasters © defeated The Beverly Brothers (Blake and Beau) (with The Genius) - 10:30

5 Crush defeated Repo Man - 05:41

6 The Ultimate Warrior defeated Randy Savage © by countout - 28:00

7 The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated Kamala (with Harvey Wippleman and Kim Chee) by disqualification - 03:27

Dark Tatanka defeated The Berzerker (with Mr. Fuji) - 05:46

8 The British Bulldog (with Lennox Lewis) defeated Bret Hart © WWF Intercontinental Championship - 25:40


I was about 12 when I went. It was the 2nd WWF show I had been to having been to UK Rampage back in 1991 at Wembley Arena. Amazing day, amazing spectacle and something that I don't think will ever be surpassed by a wrestling company on these shores again.


Memories ??? Go...................

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I remember being on a caravan holiday with a friend's family in Weymouth while SummerSlam 92 was going on.


As I generally tended to do on these trips, I ended up getting ill and watched SummerSlam when I got back from the comfort of my bed while nursing what, if I remember rightly, was a very bad case of laryngitis. My Dad, not really a wrestling fan, had recorded it for me on a tape (remember those, kids?) and said he had flicked over to see if it had finished and witnessed 'the most amazing move he'd ever seen' (which turned out to be Bret giving Bulldog a superplex)


My live wrestling that summer consisted of British wrestling in the campsite bar/nightclub area, with Robbie Brookside and some farting hillbilly.

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