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Funniest moment in wrestling thread.

Snitsky's back acne

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William Regal shows Brodus Clay how to dance.


Edge and Christian ANNIHILATE The Hardy Boys http://youtu.be/SsroLgoJvz4


In fact, Edge and Christian were just fucking hilarious http://youtu.be/o2O6lV8Z6Qs


I agree completely. Edge and Christian (with Kurt and Mick as supporting players) were the highlight of 2000/2001 for me.


Jericho and Rock were both great around that time too

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Some favourites...




The Cat issues an open challenge. While backstage the NWO convince Scott Norton that the Cat's calling him out


The Cat actually calls out Scott Norton for a rematch


Charlie GlamaHaas




5:30 in Snitsky's poem at Edge and Lita's wedding



If I could find it, I'd have posted the Impact episode with the Chet Lemon/Black Snow commentary team and Scott Steiner on ring-announcing duty, loads of hilarious moments that night. Anything involving Kevin Nash and the X-division or Double J-MMA is absolute gold as well!

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