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Super SummerSlam!


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Probably been done before but fuck it, let's get in the mood for SummerSlam. NEWMs post in the 'What are you watching' thread has got me thinking about past 'Slams and matches. So let's do one of those Midnight Zeus Desert Island style topics.


Build a dream SummerSlam card from past SummerSlam matches. 10 matches, wrestlers can only be used in one match, titles can only be in one match, you must have a WWF/E title match, IC title match and Tag Title match, any other title matches are your prerogative. Don't repeat gimmick matches (only one cage style match, only one ladder style match, etc) and use no more than 2 matches from one show.


Explain your choices, talk about the match, whatever. Don't just post a list or i'll send tiger_rick round to shit in your fridge.

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WWE Championship- Steel Cage Match: Bret Hart © vs. Owen Hart (from Summerslam '94)


This is still one of the greatest cage matches I've ever seen, fantastic drama and storytelling the whole way. Bret made Owen look like he belonged in the main event.


WWE Tag Team Championship- TLC- Edge & Christian © vs Hardyz vs Dudleys (from Summerslam 2000)


This doesn't get talked about as much because of the sequels occuring at WM, but this match was just as good as those ones IMO, made more special by being the first time ever. All 6 guys worked their asses off, and I think this is where they turned the corner from being "popular tag team guys" to being legitimate superstars.


Unsanctioned match: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels (from Summerslam 2002)


Because I get goosebumps and touch myself when I watch this match. Just magical, and it's amazing that HBK was able to return after such an absence and show up the entire roster (a roster that kicks the shit out of today's roster).


Batista vs John Cena (from Summerslam 2008)


One of the best non-gimmick matches both Cena and Big Dave have had. Plus, super Batista Bomb.


Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton (from Summerslam 2006)


Hogan, 20 years past his prime, in a classic old school performance, putting over a young star. A forgotten gem.


ECW Championship: John Morrison © vs CM Punk (from Summerslam 2007)


I love their series of matches, fills the undercard nicely here. Great athleticism.


Shane McMahon vs Eric Bischoff (from Summerslam 2003)


Coach's heel turn. Nuff said. Plus I was a total mark for everything Shane O did in '03.


Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero (from Summerslam 2004)


Both guys deserved a spot on the Super Summerslam card, I had better matches to include them in, but these oppressive rules prevented me from using them. This was a pretty good match, although not up to the standards of the WMXX match.


WWE Divas Championship: Melina © vs Alicia Fox (from Summerslam 2010)


Because tits. We need to break up the man on man touching somehow. Plus it's Ariane's favourite match.


WWE Intercontinental Championship- Rey Mysterio © vs Dolph Ziggler (from Summerslam 2009)


Crazily paced athletic opener. The most impressive Mysterio performance of the last few years IMO, and Ziggler was a trooper as always.

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Great Post, here goes mine


Summer slam 92 Intercontinental Title Match - British Bulldog Vs Bret Hart Summerslam 1992 - This one has to be in there in my opinion for any UK born wrestling fan, one of the biggest crowds ever white hot and into a great back and forth technical bout. I still think of this match when I think about Summerslam


Summer slam 98 WWE Title Match - Undertaker Vs Stone Cold - Massively hyped match that was an all out brawl round MSG. looking back without watching there is nothing that I disliked about this match it was the epitimy of what was good in the attitude era at the time


Summer slam 02Unsanctioned Match Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels - I cant really explain it better than Shane O Mac has done above


Summer slam 2000 TLC WWE Tag Team Titles Hardys Vs Dudleys Vs E+C - There are some classic bouts from the early 90's I would have liked in here but this match was breathtaking for me at the time. I had not seen the Wrestlemania version from a few months earlier when I saw this and TLC really blew my mind


Summer slam 88Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage Vs Andre the Giant and Ted Dibiase - Defined Summerslam as a must see event, match maybe not up to todays standards but still quite fun


Summer Slam 2000 2 out of 3 falls - Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho Great back and forth technical bout, these two had an amazing series back in 2000 - 2001, there Rumble ladder match will always be my favourite but this was great to


Summer Slam 01 Rock vs Booker T - I wanted to get the Rock on here in some format and this was a decent bout that gave the happy ending to the this particular PPV


Summer Slam 02 - Kurt Angle Vs Rey Mysterio - At about 10 mins long a great short opener it was a shame they didn't let them have a few more singles bouts at the time. However it led into the 3 way tag feud a little later so all good


Summerslam 1991 Big Bossman Vs The Mountie - not so much for the match but the sketches of the mountie in the jail cell crack me up every time


Summer Slam 1995 - 123 Kid vs Hakushi - Definition of a good opening match

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What with the rules of only 10 bouts and using each guy once I found it slightly tough but here goes


Mega Powers Vs Mega Bucks 1988 - Had to feature Hogan in somewhere and this was a fun little match which had two of my favourites in savage & dibiase in it also.


British Bulldogs Vs Fabulous Rougeaus 1988 - torn about including this one as it took away the option of using Bulldog-Bret & Mountie-Bossman but one of my guilty pleasures in wrestling are The Rougeaus.


Hakushi Vs 1-2-3 Kid 1995 - Absolutely loved this match, was a superb opening bout.


Edge Vs Undertaker 2008 Hell In A Cell - My favourite Undertaker match from a Summerslam barring the 97 event but that would of taken away Bret and HBK.


Kurt Angle Vs Rey Mysterio 2002 - great match, Kurt made Rey look his equal here.


World Title Match Elimination Chamber 2003 Shawn Michaels Vs Triple H Vs Goldberg Vs Kevin Nash Vs Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho - again would of like to use HBK & Trippers under different bouts.


Eddie Guerrero Vs Chris Benoit Vs Tajiri Vs Rhyno 2003 US Title match - including some of my favourites and was a fun match.


The Rock Vs Brock Lesnar 2002 WWE/WWF Title match - Rock really put Brock over here and was an excellent bout.


Hart Foundation Vs Demolition 1990 WWE/WWF Tag Team Title match - Still one of my all time favourite tag matches


Steve Austin Vs Owen Hart 1997 WWE/WWF Intercontinental match - Austins first singles title victory and tbh under thease rules the only way I could fit him in.


Would of liked to included the following but had to stick to the 10 match rule.


John Cena Vs Batista 2008


Jeff Hardy Vs CM Punk 2009

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WWE Championship match- Brock Lesnar vs The Rock- Summerslam 2002


One of my favorite matches of all time. This match made Brock Lesnar a star and cemented him as a Main Eventer in the WWE. Very good passing of the torch by the Rock and the crowd was just hot for this.



World Heavyweight Championship Match- Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit- Summerslam 2004


Another very good passing of the torch match so to speak. Really enjoyed this match and at the time I really didn't expect Orton to win. Also love the finish with the Crossface countered into an RKO.



Intercontinental Championship match- Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler- Summerslam 2009


Really enjoyed this match. Very fast paced action that let Dolph shine. Still maintain Ziggler should have won here.




Triple Threat Tag Team TLC match- E+C vs the Hardy Boyz vs the Dudleys


As said by others this is largely forgotten in comparison to the Wrestlemania matches. It featured some great spots and I think it deserves it's place on the list.



Unsanctioned Street Fight- HBK VS HHH- Summerslam 2002


Michaels's first match back in the WWE after 4 years. Brutal action and the sledgehammer shot from Hunter at the end is epic.



Hardcore Championship match- Shane Mcmahon vs Steve Blackman- Summerslam 2000


This gets its place on the list purely because of Shane's bump from the tron and Blackman's elbow. Awesome.



Intercontinental Championship match- Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler- Summerslam 2009



Singles match- Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan- Summerslam 2011


An odd choice maybe but I thoroughly enjoyed this match last year. I liked the finish into Wasteland and the shock Barrett win.



Boiler room Brawl- Undertaker vs Mankind- Summerslam 1996


Haven't watched this match for years but I remember it being a very good hardcore contest. Will have to Youtube it soon.



Lion's Den match- Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock- Summerslam 1998


The first time this match had been seen in WWE. It was an interesting new match type which was pretty entertaining.

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wwe title- steve austin vs kurt angle

ic title- bret hart vs british bulldog

tag titles-nasty boys vs lod

hulk hogan vs earthquake

big bossman vs the mountie

ken shamrock vs owen hart

kane and undertaker vs ddp and kanyon

shawn michaels vs triple h

ric flair vs mick foley

chris benoit vs rhyno vs tajiri vs chris jericho

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wwe title- steve austin vs kurt angle

ic title- bret hart vs british bulldog

tag titles-nasty boys vs lod

hulk hogan vs earthquake

big bossman vs the mountie

ken shamrock vs owen hart

kane and undertaker vs ddp and kanyon

shawn michaels vs triple h

ric flair vs mick foley

chris benoit vs rhyno vs tajiri vs chris jericho



kane and taker vs ddp & kanyon was for the tag belts and eddie was in the four way not jericho

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1. Summerslam 2007 ECW title CM Punk v John Morrison

Quick paced match for a great opener. Really enjoyable with both matching one another and not often enough would you say Morrison retains the title.


2. Summerslam 2009 Legacy v DX

Brilliant entrance and great to see DX reunited but one that I remember Rhodes and DiBiase not being made to look like jobbers but wrestlers living up to their surnames.


3. Summerslam 1991 Big Bossman v The Mountie (Jailhouse Match)

What's there not to love about this? Gimmick wrestling at its best, the mountie who was a great heel, Jimmy Hart involvement and a lot of fun.


4. Summerslam 2006 Ric Flair v Mick Foley (I Quit Match)

Could not have a card without these two and this was a match I never thought I'd see. Glad I did, chops, bins, blood and flair flops.


5. Summerslam 2003 Shane McMahon v Eric Bischoff

On paper this should've been dismal but Shane was great, gotta love Eric's outfit, Coach and Austin getting into it aswell.


6. Summerslam 2004 Chris Benoit v Randy Orton (World Heavyweight belt)

Great moment for Randy Orton becoming the youngest champ, and I wanted to put Benoit there as he did exist. Well fought contest and a sporting handshake. Loved the following Raw with Evolution bringing Orton back down to the ground too.


7. Summerslam 2000 Edge/Christian v Hardy Boyz v Dudley Boyz (Tag Team TLC match)

Wild match and Jeff Hardy going through a table? Yes please!


8. Summerslam 2011 Beth Phoenix v Kelly Kelly (Divas belt)

I remember it being worth the watch with a nice finish and surprise win for Kelly Kelly. Eye candy and no need for a toilet break on this card!


9. Summerslam 1995 - 123 kid v Hakushi

Opening match but I always enjoyed Hakushi's matches and 123 kid surprising everyone. Another nice short match before the main event.


10. Summerslam 1992 IC title Bret Hart v British Bulldog

One of my all time favourite matches with a great storyline about family feuds, brilliant crowd and venue, and British hitman fans totally torn. Right in the old fish and chips quote from Heenan which I love.

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EDGE vs JOHN CENA- WWE TITLE MATCH - 2006 - my fave match the two had against each other and thats saying something, just shows you how good this match was.


TRIPLE H vs ROCK - IC TITLE LADDER MATCH - 1998 - still my favourite ladder match ever, crowd goes bezerk when H grabs the belt


HARTS vs DEMOLITION - TAG TITLES 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS - 1990 - another classic match, thee last match i class of thee golden tag era from 87-90


TED DIBIASE vs VIRGIL - MILLION $ TITLE MATCH - 1991 - great storyline great outcome


SHANE MCMAHON vs TEST - LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER STREETFIGHT - 1999 - used to watch this match every day from school, when Shane first done his trademark elbow through announcers desk


KURT ANGLE vs REY MYSTERIO - 2002 - blistering opener




HAKUSHI vs 123KID- 1995 - a match very rarely seen at the time in the WWF


RANDY ORTON VS CHRIS BENOIT- WORLD TITLE MATCH - 2004 - genuinely shocked yet made up at the result of the match at the time


KANE vs UNDERTAKER - 2000 - had to get 2 of my faves of all time on the card and this was more of an angle if i remember correctly

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