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WrestleShark Presents: The Shark Tank ICW Supershow!

Simon Cassidy

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To celebrate Insane Championship Wrestling's huge night last Sunday at Super Smokin Thunder Bowl, WrestleShark are throwing a little ICW Supershow on the podcast this week, and we aint doing it by halves!


Recorded live from backstage at the show:


- We speak with Grado just moments after his monumental title win (before the controversy)

- BT Gunn breaks his silence and talks (in his first ever interview) his relationship with Mark Dallas and his plans for the future

- Mark Coffey discusses breaking into the singles division and whether he plans to follow his brother to Japan...

- We ask Jam O'Malley what's wrong with him.

- And all topped off with special guest appearances by Nicola Storm and Mikey Whiplash! "Get it Smelt!"



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