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WA1 Wrestling present Rise 2 Glory - Warrington, Cheshire


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3rd Match has been annouced. The show is just 2 weeks away and this week another 2 matches will be annouced.


Like facebook.com/wa1wrestling for all the exclusive annoucements or follow us on twitter @wa1wrestling


Discounted tickets have now ended but full priced tickets are still available. Get your tickets today!

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Just annouced from the facebook page of WA1 Wrestling


The next 2 Saturdays are big ones for the town of Warrington. Tomorrow, Warrington Wolves take on Leeds Rhinos in the Challenge Cup final at Wembley and then of course next Saturday we host Rise 2 Glory. Now you may be thinking what does Rugby have to do with a wrestling show........Well if Warrington Wolves are victorious and win the Cup tomorrow then on Sunday for one day only, we will be slashing the prices of all tickets to Rise 2 Glory and having a big discount day. So come on the wire!!!

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Taken from the WA1 Wrestling facebook page:


So Warrington Wolves have won the Challenge Cup for the 3rd time in 4 years, so that means that tomorrow is discount day on all Rise 2 Glory tickets as promised. The discount will start from midday and last through to midnight. These discounts will be big and i'll tell you now, the price of these tickets will be ridiculous for the quality your going to get on this show. Seriously grab them while they are at a this special discount.


like facebook.com/wa1wrestling to get your tickets!

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Final Match Annouced!


Rise 2 Glory is THIS SATURDAY! Ticketa available through our facebook page. Like us on facebook for all the news about our shows and also to get the best deals on tickets. Tickets available to reserve by e-mailing wa1wrestling@live.co.uk. Tickets will be available on the door as well.

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From WA1 Wrestling facebook page


Rise 2 Glory is TOMORROW evening. Skiddle ticket purchases are no longer available however the guestlist is still open so you can reserve tickets via e-mail to wa1wrestling@live.co.uk. Seminar places are available to book as well. If you interested in learning what it's like to train to become a professional wrestler then this taster session will be a great experience providing a real variety of what you can expect. The cost of this session is just

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4 Way Elimination Match to determine #1 contender for PBW Championship

Stevie Xavier eliminated C J Banks

Kris Travis eliminatd Stevie Xavier

Kris Travis & Joey Hayes wrestled to a draw

After the match, Managing Director Desmond Keys annouced a triple threat for the PBW Championship later in the evening.


'Deadly Serious' Dean MacManus, Marc Morgan & The Babyfaced Pitbull def. Sparx & The Lionhearts (Jason Larusso & Eddie Ryan)

During the match Dean stated he was above Pitbull and Marc and continued to boss them around for the ful length of this match. Marc has the match won but Dean threw Marc out of the ring and got the 3 count picking up the win. After the match, Pitbull locked Dean in the Canine Clutch after hearing all he could. After leaving Dean returne dto his feet to come face to face with Marc and Dean took it upon himself to lay out Morgan however Sparx would save Morgan and put an offer to him. Sparx stated he saw alot in the kid and wanted to take him under his wing just like Dirk Feelgood did to him. Sparx offered to form a team with Morgan and left asking him to think about it.


Zack Diamond def. Andy Wild

After the match, Managing Director, Desmond Keys conducted a post match interview with Zack where he run down Zack which followed with an attack from behind by the Toxic Terror, Cyanide.


Steel City Warriors def. Fight Club


PBW Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match

BT Gunn def. Joey Hayes & Kris Travis to retain his title


Cyanide def. Valkabious

During this match, Zack Diamond tried to get revenge on Cyanide but WA1 Wrestling Promoter, Danny Maher tried to stop him but failed. Desmond Keys also pulled the referee out and low blowed him to cost Valkabious the victory. When Zack tried to get Cyanide for a 2nd time, Desmond stopped him by grabbing his foot but Zack kicked him away to be met by a club from Cyanide. WA1 Wrestling promoter, Danny Maher then came out and kicked david along with ordering him to the back. Valkabious and Zack managed to come back after the match with Val hitting a 2nd massive MVK driver while Zack hit a big frog splash.


WA1 Wrestling annouced it's return to Alford Hall will be on Saturday 23rd February 2013 with 'Sole Survivor' featuring CZW Star, Jonathan Gresham and also a one night tournament to determine to 1st ever WA1 Wrestling Champion.


Like us on facebook to stay up to date with all the details.

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