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Wrestle Talk TV coming to Challenge TV


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Just saw this on YouTube:


After being somewhat of an Internet sensation, with fans all over the world, Wrestle Talk TV is coming to Challenge! Previously bringing fans the biggest interviews, competitions and talking points on YouTube, now viewers can enjoy WTTV in the comfort of their front rooms, directly after Impact Wrestling!


To get ready for the series premier on Challenge, to catch up with all our previous shows or to view Wrestle Talk TV Extra, check out our official WTTV YouTube channel now or find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Wrestle Talk TV is hosted by Joel Ross and features the Daily Star's Patrick Lennon and Wrestle Central's Francesca Wood. WTTV was created by Alex Shane and past guests include Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Dave "Fit" Finaly, Bobby Roode, Nigel McGuiness, Colt Cabana and many more.



Cool news in my book. Congrats to Alex and company. Good on them. Looking forward to watching the show.

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Great news in my opinion. Went to the Bobby Roode taping and had a great time. Good to have the advertising for UK shows and promotions as a possible lead in to impact. Congratulations to all involved and hopefully I'll be at the next tapings.

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