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Bryan Danielson or Daniel Bryan?


Which has been better?  

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They're truly not comparable for me, such is the difference in presentation between WWE and the Indyscape/outside world, both in the ring and as a total production. They satisfy different needs. It's like asking me if I prefer a sandwich or a pint. Depends if I'm hungry or thirsty.


For the record, if I had to watch down and watch some of Branielsons matches then I'd watch something he did against McGuinness, Marufuji, KENTA or Austin Aries, or possibly his matches with Davey from the NTV Cup. Doesn't mean I've more more emotionally interested in what he was doing elsewhere than since he's been in WWE. I probably care about the character more since he came to WWE.

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I was familiar with him, but have only ever followed WWE - and when the mood strikes TNA - so I would say Daniel Bryan.


When he came in, i was impressed with the match quality, but that was it. I thought he had a great pre-written programme with Miz, but otherwise expected him to float around the mid-card level.


I was chuffed when he won MITB, but hardly excited with how he progressed after, and was really disapointed when he won the belt as I thought after months of losing and doing nothing it would flop, but I was wrong, and he, along with AJ, have been the best parts of wrestling for me this year.



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American dragon was a far better persona for him however regardless of what he's forced to do in the wwe he's gonna get more exposure which is good for him. Personally I'd like to see him face and get a Solid run as champ


What are you basing the bold bit on?


Being forced to make loads of money?


Being forced to main event?


Being forced to be a champion?


Being forced to be a key part of the company?


Have I missed any?

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I think I'm going to go for Bryan Danielson, although that might change in the next 2 minute it's very close.


The thing is though Daniel Bryan is exceptionally good, I love his promos, his mtches and his overall character but I kinda preferred his heel persona as Bryan Danielson. Although it didn't have the cool 'yes' thing I thought all the little things he use to do were very entertaining. Things like 'I have til 5' and Final Countdown. Thinking about how quickly he turned the crowd against him at NOAH in Coventry, true master at work.

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