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wwc classics of the caribbean


1 carlos colon vs tully blancherd


2 el grand apollo vs dick steinbun


3 carlos colon & abdulah the butcher vs stan hansen & bruiser brody


4 carlos colon & moolah vs dory funk & his wife


5 bruiser brody vs abdullah the butcher


6 kendo nagasaki vs carlos colon


7 king tonga & abdullah the butcher vs pierre martel & gino della serra


8 roddy piper vs invader 1


9 randy savage vs hercules ayala



wwc bad boys of wrestling


1 randy savage vs huragen


2 tiger jeet singh vs mighty igor


3 ivan koloff vs ricky santana


4 domingo robles vs joe salvody


5 street fight


great muta vs invader 1


6 abdulah vs steve strong


7 rip rogers vs t.n.t


8 vengeance match


joe salvody vs domingo robles


9 war games match


abdullah the butcher , the iron sheik , chicky starr , grizzley boone & hercules ayala vs carlos colon , T.N.T , invader 1 , dutch mantel & bruser brody




wwc bloody bloody matches of the caribbean v1


1 barbwire match


jon deluc vs carlos colon


2 kamala vs invader 1


3 al perez vs abdullah the butcher


4 carlos colon & invader 1 vs ernie ladd & abdullah


5 texas death match


hercules ayala vs carlos colon


6 abdullah vs uncle vitor jovica


7 many fernadez vs invader 1



wwc bloody bloody match of the carbbean


1 ricky santana vs mr pogo


2 giant warrior vs abdullah the butcher


3 brian lee & the dirty white boy vs invader 1 & ricky santana


4 bullrope match


ricky santana vs bobby jaggers


5 dick slater & dick murdoch vs invader 1 & carlos colon


6 lumberjack match


the mighty igor vs jon deluc


7 jason the terrible vs carlos colon


get in touch with any questions

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