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Non-wrestling wrestler merchandise


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Bit of an odd title I know. This could well die on it's arse - I've always found it intriguing when you see someone you know as a wrestler turning up as other characters elsewhere. What I'm thinking of here is where wrestlers have ventured out of the ring and ended up getting merchandise on the market out of it. Most of whats out there seems to be figures/toys, but I'm sure there will be other things out there. Here's a few....


Sgt Slaughter

Years back, the sarge was a character in GI Joe, and naturally there were toys released of him. You could argue this was still his wrestling character - although I dont believe he was acknowleged as a wrestler in it:




They even released a Roddy Piper figure too for some reason...:




Andre the Giant:

Andre played the character 'Fezzik' in the successful Princess Bride film, and as such has had some stuff on the shelves from it. I suspect these were relleased after his death though, so he probably didnt get anything out of it....





Before we had Brutus Magnus, we had Oblivion from Sky's version of Gladiators. Not a patch on Wolf:




Big Sky

WCW mid-carder Big Sky gave up the grap game and went on to become an actor. Probably best known as Sabretooth from X-Men. He was also the new Michael Myers - Not sure if theres anything available for that, but you wouldnt have seen his face anyway




Jeep Swenson:

The Ultimate Solution played Bane in 'Batman & Robin'. Bit of a tenous one this, as this figure looks more to be based on the comics/cartonn, but it is licensed from the film, so I'm counting it!:




Jesse Ventura:

Since leaving wrestling, Jesse went on to bigger and better things. Firstly Acting, where he buddied up with Arnie in many a supporting role, and later into politics. Surprised there wasnt more out for him to be honest (His Predator character most notably) but he has had a few strange ones out:




Brock Lesnar:

Not a million miles away from his wrestling gear, but its not quite the same. UFC had a Brock figure out. Couldnt find anything for Ken Shamrock though:




Hulk Hogan:

Slightly cheating this one, as he's still a wrestler, but Hogan's infamous Thunderlips from Rock III gets a showing:




The Rock:

Couple of notable ones, as he left wrestling to become the Scorpion King, which had him on Argos's shelves. He'll be there again soon with the release of the new GI Joe film:




Was surprised at the lack of merchandise for a few... I thought there would be some Bonesaw McGraw figures out there, possibly something for Roddy Piper in 'They Live' and the Kurrgan in Sherlock Holmes, or even a Matt Morgan 'American Gladiators' figure. Couldnt see anything though

Anyone got any other ones? Anything for wrestlers while they are not being wrestlers (Or their character), or directly related, so no Hulk Hogan 'Piledriver' albums for example, but if you can find a figure of Kevin Nash in the punisher then great, or if theyve played another wrestling character.

No customs though..

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Didn't Dave Prowse do a bit of wrestling? If so, Darth Vader figures would count.


Not sure about that one. Had a quick google search, and he was a bodybuilder, but cant see anything about him wrestling....


On a similar note though, Jimmy Saville did, and he had a few bits and bobs out:



As did Brian Glover, who voiced this guy:



...and this one is a bit of a stretch, but Tor Johnson from 'Plan 9 from outer space' was also a wrestler I believe (George the Animal Steele played him in Ed Wood):



I'm struggling now....

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The Rock


OK so it is wrestling related, but its not.




random, but these anti-hero decks were inspired by the They Live movie with Piper.





They live top






Alundra Blaze / Monster Truck Toy





obviously, theres the Tiny Lister (Zeus) Little Niky figure, i think it was mentioned in another thread, i also still have this boxed somewhere.






Errrr, kind of... hulk hogans air conditioner


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Jesus, Chyna's star has fallen pretty far hasn't it? I knew she was in films taking it through the backdoor, but I didnt realise she was opening those doors to anyone with a chequebook. Presumably you have to provide your own padded room, armchair and heater.


As for the Hulk Hogan hairdryer, alundra blayze cars etc - thats not quite what I was getting at with these (Interesting as they are), as those are non-wrestling products, but still licensed from the wrestling character, if you follow me - I probably didnt explain it that well at the start to be fair. Im more looking for successes away from wrestling, with official merchandise to prove it.

That Scorpion King Boxset is a strange one, as its both

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Cool, I see, I didnt read it properly. To anyone who was unsure Alundra Blaze/Madusa is a actually a world champion monster truck driver outside of wrestling, her name and car are called medusa, and this was released in relation to that.


Well, even though we know about the following, something i have never thought of until now, and now i want some just to own:




Also, you could say the following ... almost:




actual food off his menu.. YUUUMMM!!!




chek the blinding, critical and in-depth reviews out below the images, especially the one from.. NEAL

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