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Impact July 12 discussion, spoilers etc


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I loved this Impact.


-The opener was all kinds of excellent. Park and Bully Ray had a match similar to the one they had last month on PPV. But the real story was after Bully beat Park, Joseph saw the blood on his hands and went mental, hitting the Black Hole Slam. He quickly snapped out of it, not knowing what he had done. It looks like they are doing to Jekyll and Hyde thing then. Where Joseph and Abyss are the same person, but when trouble is afoot, he goes a bit mental. Great opener, though. Bully and Joe Park is excellent.

-Sting is shown in the back. He seems excited. He’s in the mood to crack heads by the sound of it. Must say, I don’t like the idea that Sting is wearing makeup for this. It should have been Steve Borden and Terry Bollea showing up tonight, like when the New Blood got personal. These boys don’t play obviously. They sent Sting some cards in the post. Sending post to Real Estate Steve’s Christian retreat, you would imagine isn’t a makeup wearing ordeal. Hogan should have had the FUNB bowling shirt on as well.

-RVD vs Samoa Joe was up next. Quite a good match. Joe seems motivated these days. This match would have been in a list of matches I’d never want to see if you’d have offered me it, because it has fat shit-haired styles clash written all over it. But it was a very good TV match. Been a while since I saw a bad match from Joe. Samoa Joe lost with an inside cradle. The story of Joe’s matches is that he’s going for the submission win, because that’s where the most points are. So after punishing RVD for most of the match with submissions, he went one step to far and cocked up. Good match though.

-Claire Lynch arrives in her car. She has a fag in her hand (not Bob Ryder), and Jason Hervey from the Wonder Years gets in her face and is being his usually smart arse self. He asks her what she’s doing here. He has a bombshell or something. Terrible actress.

-Hogan got all up in the camera. Saying “Sting’s here, I’m here, let’s dance”. Hogan wants to rumble by the sounds of it. We might see Horace and The Disciple turn up eventually, if Garrett and Devon don’t get the job done.

-Daniels and Kaz call out Claire Lynch to finally “tell the truth”. AJ interrupts and the pitch turns on him and says “they are right. You’re the father”. AJ looked stunned. This woman can’t act. She sucks up the apathy when she walks to the ring.

-AJ was shown in the back and he was confronted by JASON HERVEY FROM THE WONDER YEARS! He’s all over this show, which is cool with me. He got in Styles face about it. It was as close as you will get to a Nixon and Frost moment. “Are you the father?!!” Jason yelled. “I DON’T KNOW!” AJ cried. Maybe Hervey could be the Dad? He’s a little stud. Shagged Missy Hyatt in her prime.

-Zima Ion wrestled Smash’s son, which seems to be the last time we’ll see him. Zima is doing a gimmick where he puts people out with major injuries (like Football Boy and Sonjay Dutt were). Zima is actually a decent promo as well. He seems to have stepped it up recently. I’m glad I saw a documentary with him on it, and him and his Mam seemed really nice. Hope he does well.

-Austin Aries and Bobby Roode tore it up on the mic. Aries said he got text from (and he did the quotation mark figure gesture) “other world champions”. Yeah fuck you CM Punk. Aries put over the company, the belt and the fans were going potty. Bobby Roode came out and he was gutted. These two care more about the World title than you could imagine. Awesome to see people talk like they care about the main prize in the promotion.

-Sting and Hogan were backstage. Sting said “its time to go old school, Hulk”. The Hulkster replied by saying “nah, we’re in to deep brother.” Sting is selling this like a wide eyed child motivated by the idea a bunch of cocksuckers are trying to fuck with the big boys. Hogan on the other hand is shitting it. A far cry from his attitude earlier in the night. Devon and Garrett turned up and said “we got your back guys”. I like Garrett as Devon’s young boy. Its how they should be using him. Hogan thanked them for standing by there side.

-Gail and Miss Tessmacher had a match. It was alright. Brooke Hogan was on commentary and she was fucking rotten. You couldn’t hear a thing she was saying. She mumbled her way through the match. Dreadful. The worst and funniest line of the year was from Taz though. Brooke said something about her height and Taz said “yeah, I’m 5’11”. FUCK OFF!

-Jason Hervey was back, being a right smarmy cunt to Claire Lynch. “What proof do you have?” She replied, as only Claire can with “I’ve got proof AJ”. Hervey threw his hands up.

-Magnus plugged a match with James Storm on a house show. Cheers for that.

-Mr. Anderson had a match with Kurt Angle. Angle beat him with the Angle Slam. Another fine match. They usually have good matches, anyway.

-Sting wielding a bat and Stone Cold Terry B is taping his fists, when Bobby Roode enters and demands he talks with the Hulkster. Bobby Roode demands his rematch. Hogan gives him it at Hardcore Justice, but Hogan suggested he call Aries out next week at Open Fight Night.

-Sting comes out (by himself) and cuts a promo. He then says “I’ve brought Hulkamania with me”. Hogan’s music plays. Nothing. Music plays again. Nothing. Music plays for a third time. Again not a Hulkster in sight. On the screen Hogan is shown getting a beating from four biker blokes (one with visible long brown hair) in his office as Brooke cries over him. Then Sting goes to the back and LOADS! FUCKING LOADS OF THEM (well six) give Sting a kicking. This angle was fucking mint. They beat Sting like a proper gang beating. They weren’t picking shots like the other week. They all piled on and hammered him on the ramp. I unashamedly loved this angle. Best part? A load of them were wearing long shirts. So this could mean Chris Masters and load of other blokes with tattoos. Its no longer three of them anymore.


I swear, that angle was awesome. I hope am not on my own with this hype. Probably am. Old blokes vs Bikers is a good angle.

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It was a fucking magic show, absolutely spot on. I maintain, I haven't loved a wrestling show week-to-week this much since Attitude Era RAW. The shit kicking dealt out to Hogan and Sting was fantastic.


EDIT - You know how I know Impact is shit hot right now? People are screen capping it to examine who the Aces and Eights are? This is a cold, cynical forum, and people aren't just going to go screen capping any old shite.

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You can't escape it at the moment. Just fantastic TV every week.


I've not watched and enjoyed a weekly wrestling show for years (Possibly since Smackdown early 00's) but I'm loving Impact right now.


Not only am I looking forward to seeing this weeks show on Sunday, after reading Ian's post I'm already hyped at seeing the following weeks TV, amazing.

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Another fun show, loving the slow build with the Joseph Park/Abyss character, and Bully Ray continues to be awesome.


Zema Ion impressed as did Dakota Darsow :confused: , Roode & Aries was great and I loved the Aces and 8's stuff.


They built next weeks show, this weeks live event and mentioned Hardcore Justice. The show goes so quick watching it live, really good TV.

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So how many biker blokes are there?


I loved the one that we think is Gallows (maybe) who stayed behind for a second after the beatdown of Hogan and just looked down at him. Tremendous. And I need more Cliff Compton. I havent seen any of the Colt Cabana stuff, I just really liked Deuce n' Domino (and Cherry)


Excellent show, not just cause of the Biker guys but thats icing on an already delicious cake. 2 fun TV Bound For Glory Series matches, Joseph Park and Bully Ray being amazing and build up for OFN and Hardcore Justice.


Roode flipping out like Ric Flair was brilliant, will he call Aries out next week? I dunno...


Zema Ion is sort of a badass isnt he? Liked the promo, liked the match. Darsow can have a pass for that lovely looking spear from the outside into the ring. His Promo wasnt bad either.


Cant wait for next week! And i'll probably watch it on Challenge on Sunday...

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This was a good progression towards Bound for Glory. The Aces and 8's are this years Hogan vs Sting with a lengthy gradual build by the looks of it and can be the perfect semi main event with the star power of the older guys. I was chuffed to see that the gang had more members than the original teased three and I can't wait to see who these guys turn out to be. An introduction of taking out two of the biggest names in the business is the right way to make an impact and there are so many different guys that have beef with Hogan and to a lesser extent Sting which makes the guessing factor a key part of this.


Joe vs RVD told a good story and the Samoan Submission Mission is showing that he is deserving of that moniker but it can be his downfall if he loses focus. It's best that nobody storms away with the lead in the series so RVD was the right choice to pick up some points. I didn't really fancy watching another Angle vs Anderson match but it was alright, not every match in this series is a must see which is fair enough. Talking of the series...why did TNA bother bringing Pope back for this? They clearly have no plans for him.


Aries cut a good promo and Roode reacted to him perfectly. The rematch at Hardcore Justice is just as much of a must see as Destination X as this is a title reign I want to see continue.

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Watching Destination X, they're even slowly building to the X Division title match at BFG with the Xima Aion/Jesse Sorensen fued. I can see them bringing him back just before, Hogan giving him the shot and have his first match at BFG, winning the title.


I've not seen this episode yet, but I'm desperate to see this attack. Aces and Eights are turning into a fantastic entity. Raw and Smackdown are being left in the dust right now.

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