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Disc Wants


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raw 1997 - 17th feb & 17th mar


raw 2000 -


22nd may

5th june

12th june

19th june

26th june

4th sep

11th sep

18th nov

27th nov


raw 2002 - april 22nd


raw 2004 -


16th feb

23rd feb

10th may

17th may


raw 2005 -


28th feb

7th mar


raw 2007 -


29th jan

5th feb

23rd apr

30th apr


all raw & smackdown 2012 eps


heat 1999 - feb 28th & aug 8th


heat 2000 - dec 3rd


heat 2001 -


4th feb

11th feb

4th mar

11th mar

23rd dec


heat 2002 - 24th mar


heat 2003 - dec 21st


heat 2004 -


8th feb

9th may

27th jun


heat 2007 -


23rd mar

apr 6th

apr 27th

jun 8th

aug 31st

sep 14th

sep 28th

oct 19th

9th nov

30th nov


heat 2008 - 22nd feb


velocity 2004 - 20th nov


velocity 2005 - 8/9


superstars 2009 - 11th jun & 18th jun


new rock docu

new edge docu

wwf byte this eps,

shoots - tori (dx not torrie wilson),

wrestlers rescue,

tajiri (must have subtitles),

new london & kendrick,

new russo rf,

amy vs joy.


stephanie mcmahon, sable, trish/lita & stacy keibler on howard stern.


if anyone can help send me a PM thanks.

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