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6 former stars of RAW to return for one night


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So there are 6 episodes of RAW until the 1000th. Each week we are getting a former star of RAW to make their return. We got Vader last week who had a match and did a great job. I wasn't expecting Vader to show up on RAW even knowing he'd been working recently. And hope for more of the lesser used legends in the runup and wheel out Austin and co. at the 1000th. So which 6 stars or tag teams would you choose to represent RAW. Or who do you expect to see in the next six weeks and what would you have them doing?


Sid v Rob Grimes?

Too Cool and Rikishi dancing?

Bob Backlund being crazy

The godfather with some PG hoes?(I'd prefer Papa Shango)

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Im dying to see Sid.


What about Goldust? I know he only got fired a few months ago but maybe he'll be back for a night. JBL and Ron Simmons are a must!


I know when they say Dx re-uniting they mean Shawn and Hunter but it would be nice to see The New Age Outlaws and Sean Waltman as well.

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A bit off topic but when Nash had that feud with HHH I always hoped Xpac would come back to side with Nash and do a 'I made DX cool again, I made you look great but the second I needed your help you ditched me for the wife.' kind of thing.


Anyway I'll go for:


Kevin Nash

BookerT (I do think they'll do this)

Ron Simmons

Roddy Piper (He always turns up)

Ric Flair

Bret Hart

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