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Premier League 2012/2013 Discussion

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The power station would take a lot more than just a Northern Line extension to serve the site, the area simply doesn't have the infrastructure to support something of that size and magnitude. However, I honestly think that whomever buys the site, like all those who have before, is sitting on it, hoping the power station will fall down. It has no roof, it's all gradually rusting away anyway.

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I think the whole area is being redeveloped, though. For example, there are two other sites within Nine Elms available.


Earls Court was always my top choice but I believe that site has gone as well. We'll be onto White City next, which I'd likely object to. The plans would have to be absolutely incredible and a sure money spinner for me to back it there.

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Is it meant to be 3D or something?! I'm not a fan, and haven't been a fan of Nike's balls for a few years now. To be honest, I don't think I'll ever love another modern ball again after seeing the beautiful Tango 12 kicked about during the Euros :love:

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Not a patch on this beauty


:love: :love: :love:

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Surprised it hasn't been mentioned but Daniel Sturridge has viral meningitis


I did bring it up in the Olympics thread (because for the life of me I couldn't find this one) but it turned into Kris' knowledge of football or something.


Shame really, hope Danny gets better soon, Olympics would have been a big break for him.

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Live games for sky sports have been released


Confirmed live Premier League fixtures for 2012/13:



Sun 19: Wigan v Chelsea (1.30pm)

Sun 19: Man City v Southampton (4pm)

Mon 20: Everton v Man Utd (8pm)

Sat 25: Swansea v West Ham (12.45pm)

Sun 26: Stoke v Arsenal (1.30pm)

Sun 26: Liverpool v Man City (4pm)


Sat 1: West Ham v Fulham (12.45pm)

Sun 2: Liverpool v Arsenal (1.30pm)

Sun 2: Southampton v Man Utd (4pm)

Sat 15: Norwich v West Ham (12.45pm)

Sun 16: Reading v Tottenham (4pm)

Mon 17: Everton v Newcastle (8pm)

Sat 22: Swansea v Everton (12.45pm)

Sun 23: Liverpool v Man Utd (1.30pm)

Sun 23: Man City v Arsenal (4pm)

Sat 29: Arsenal v Chelsea (12.45pm)

Sun 30: Aston Villa v West Brom (4pm)


Mon 1: QPR v West Ham (8pm)

Sat 6: Man City v Sunderland (12.45pm)

Sun 7: Southampton v Fulham (1.30pm)

Sun 7: Newcastle v Man Utd (4pm)

Sat 20: Tottenham v Chelsea (12.45pm)

Sun 21: Sunderland v Newcastle (1.30pm)

Sun 21: QPR v Everton (4pm)

Sat 27: Everton v Liverpool (12.45pm)

Sun 28: Aston Villa v Norwich (1.30pm)

Sun 28: Chelsea v Man Utd (4pm)


Sat 3: Man Utd v Arsenal (12.45pm)

Sun 4: QPR v Reading (1.30pm)

Sun 4: Liverpool v Newcastle (4pm)

Mon 5: West Brom v Southampton (8pm)

Sat 10: Aston Villa v Man Utd (5.30pm)

Sun 11: Man City v Tottenham (1.30pm)

Sun 11: Chelsea v Liverpool (4pm)

Sat 17: Arsenal v Tottenham (12.45pm)

Sun 18: Fulham v Sunderland (4pm)

Mon 19: West Ham v Stoke (8pm)

Sat 24: Swansea v Liverpool (12.45pm)

Sun 25: Sunderland v West Brom (1.30pm)

Sun 25: Chelsea v Man City (4pm)

Tue 27: Aston Villa v Reading (8pm)

Wed 28: Wigan v Man City (8pm)

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We will be absolutely fine this season under the mighty Chris Hughton. Not surprised that with Lambert leaving and the Holt will he/wont he saga that people could initially see us going down, but the club reacted so quickly in grabbing Hughton and it's brilliant that we've finally come to a resolution on the Holt front. Generally, it seems he never really wanted to leave but just wanted a third year on his contract for his family. I'm guessing there's a small cash increase too, but he's got every right to a payrise after all he's done. I've every confidence he can do it again for us this season. It might not be the same amount, but if he keeps himself fit he'll always be a handful and an inspirational leader for us.


Steven Whittaker isn't a bad replacement for Kyle Naughton. He's a versatile player who likes to bomb forward, though I'm not so sure he'll be allowed to get forward as much with us as he did with Rangers. Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley is good business too, he was on fire for Barnsley until his injury last year.


Another good piece of business for City is that we've handed new contracts to Ruddy, Martin and Surman. These three in particular are just as important for us as any big new signings that come through the Carrow Road doors. It's difficult to say where we'll finish, but I'd be chuffed to finish in the same position we finished last term, or come to think of it even 17th!

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Yeah the fine's ridiculous, but it's the 30,000 people every week and every late-tackler and elbow-jumper in the Premier League who'll be stepping in to add to the punishment next season if he is found guilty.

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Let's not forget that's not an FA fine I don't think, they will likely hand out their own punishment after the outcome of the trial, including a lengthy ban ala Suarez and possibly a separate fine.

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If found guilty here, a similar sentence to Suarez is the absolute minimum the FA should give Terry if they want to maintain the slightest pretense of fairness and even-handedness. A

Edited by Magnum

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