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The Hit Factory LIVE!


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A reunited Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan to perform 'Especially For You' live The 'Neighbours' pair will sing their 1988 single in London's Hyde Park


Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan are to reunite and sing their 1988 single 'Especially For You' at the Hit Factory Live event in London's Hyde Park on July 11.


It will be the first time in 23 years that the pair

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Wow, I never knew SAW had anything to do with 2 Unlimited. According to wiki it was their idea to remove the rap vocals on "Get Ready For This". I don't honestly think I could sit through Sinitta, Pepsie and Shirlie and Hazell Dean just to get to hear 2 Unlimited live and experience a 60,000 person Rickroll, but it's tempting.

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NOPE, they were not.


for the record, here are all the S.A.W. artists.


Kylie Minogue

Dead or Alive

The Reynolds Girls

Rick Astley



Brother Beyond


Donna Summer

Boy Krazy

The Twins


Mandy Smith

Jason Donovan

Niki Evans


Hazell Dean

Mel & Kim



Big Fun

Strange Nature

2 Unlimited

Desiree Heslop ('Princess')

London Boys

Sabrina Salerno

Lonnie Gordon

Tina Cousins


Opus III


One True Voice


The Sheilas

Same Difference

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Donna Summer was a SAW artist?!?! Wasn't she with Giorgio Moroder's gang?


I don't think the London Boys ("London Nights", "Requiem" etc) will be there either. Both of them died in a pretty nasty car accident in Austria in 1996. Details


You don't think they'll be there?

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