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Great Bear Promotions - Saturday 15th September - Congleton Town Hall

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GREAT BEAR IN BEARTOWN - Saturday 15th September 2012




Matches Announced

Chris Brookes vs. Tyler Bate

Evan Sarven vs. 'Deadly' Damon Leigh

Saxon Huxley vs. Flash Morgan

Cyanide vs. TBA

Sam Bailey vs. Xander Cooper

The Dunne Bros & Eddie Dennis vs. Pitbull, Corey Edwardson and Soner Durson


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that pro-wrestling will be returning to Congleton Town Hall on Saturday 15th September 2012 when Great Bear Promotions hosts 'Great Bear in Beartown - Night One'


In what promises to be a night of entertainment for all the family, six contests will be taking place with stars ranging from daring high fliers, technical masters and awesome powerhouses. More names will be announced closer to the date!


The show will start at 6pm, with doors opening at 5-30pm. The Town Hall is an easy bus ride from Congleton Train Station making it convinent for those travelling from outside the area. The show will aim to finish by 8.30pm


Some quotes which have highlighted the quality of our previous shows -

'The show was really fun. Taylor vs Gallagher was great as expected, and Hayes vs Bailey was really fun...I was really surprised by the guys I'd never seen before though. The first match was really impressive, as was the Flash Morgan match. Looking forward to seeing what you can all pull off next time.'


' Great wrestling at both shows'


'...uses the right guys, plenty of names there you know are capable of good matches.'


Book your tickets online at http://great-bear-promotions.co.uk/tickets/ or by calling the Congleton Tourist Information Centre on 01260 271095!


Entry Price:

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'Battle Kingdom 2012' DVD Released!


Trailer here -


The DVD of Great Bear Promotions - Battle Kingdom finally hits the shelves and is ready to go! With 6 brilliant matches this DVD is well worth purchasing either if you were at the event or not!


Matches include:

Pitbull vs Axl Rage

Eddy Dennis vs Evan Sarven

Chris Brookes vs. Jonathan Gresham

Behnam Ali vs. Jack Gallagher

Damon Leigh vs. Corey Edwardson

Pete Dunne vs. Sam Bailey


The DVD will be on preorder until the 15th June, with the first batch being sent that day.



Purchase the DVD here -

Battle Kingdom 2012 DVD

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For what its worth, good to see you back in action! Wil try and make it if i can. To the above poster, I'm aware to which promoter/promotion you are reffering to and unless he has a deal with the venue (which I personally couldnt say anything about) its free game to run, and to be fair it is two months apart when he is due to aparently run again. A bit of competition is always good!


Good to see a regular promotion in this area either way, and will try and make it down to see!

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First Match Announced!

Joey Hayes vs. Chris Brookes

Championship Chase Match!


The first match for 'Great Bear in Beartown' is announced and it looks set to be a cracker. Chris Brookes will face off against Joey Hayes as part of our Championship Chase designed to crown an inaugural Great Bear Champion.


Brookes has enjoyed a positive start in Great Bear. He wrestle in what was arguably the match of the night at 'Battle Kingdom 2012' (which some critics have called a potential match of the year) in a losing effort to Jonathan Gresham in which he managed to go toe-to-toe with the international star. Whilst he lost the match on that occasion he won the respect of the Great Bear fans, and to months later was able to pull of a victory over Pete Dunne in another well received bout.


His opponent is one of British wrestling's most notable talents in the form of Joey Hayes. Hayes made his Great Bear debut as a last minute replacement for 'Deadly' Damon Leigh at 'Exciting Battle in Cheshire' in a loss to 'Superstylin' Sam Bailey. Hayes is adamant that the loss was caused by a lack of preparation for the match, given as he had less than 24 hours notice, and is looking to show just how good he is in this first time encounter between the two.


It's sure to be a brilliant match between two very talented wrestlers, but the question remains as to which man will advance into the next stages. To find out either book your tickets online at http://great-bear-promotions.co.uk/tickets/ or by calling the Congleton Tourist Information Centre on 01260 271095!

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Next Match Announced!

Cyanide vs. Tryout Standout


Great Bear Promotions can confirm that a match has been finalised which will see the standout from our tryouts held earlier in the day will face the Super-Heavyweight Cyanide.


Cyanide made a huge impact on his debut for Great Bear in May when he effectively destroyed Evan Sarven in a show of brutal strength. The monster is livid that he has been overlooked for a place in the Championship Chase, and will be looking to show why he considers himself to be worthy of a shot at the Championship.


His yet unknown opponent will be determined through tryouts held on the day of the show (http://www.facebook.com/events/183273705136012/) In what will be a baptism of fire for whomever the Great Bear management deem ready for the challenge.


Will Cyanide show why he is a force to be reckoned with? Or will the spirit of fresh blood be able to overcome this colossal obstacle? Buy your tickets for September 15th to find out!

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Next Match Announced!

6 Man Tag Match!

Relentless (Pete Dunne, Damien Dunne, Tyler Bate)


Red Star (Pitbull, Corey Edwardson, Soner Durson)


Great Bear are pleased to announce their first stable wars match, which will see the Relentless stable take on Red Star! This match comes as Relentless look to avenge the loss Damien Dunne had against Pitbull at

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Final Match Announced:

Xander Cooper vs Sam Bailey


The final match announced for the show is also the final match announced in the Championship Chase and will see ‘The Man For All Seasons’ Xander Cooper face ‘Superstylin’ Sam Bailey in what could prove to be the rubber match in a feud they have carried on around the country!


Bailey comes into the match firmly established as a huge presence at Great Bear. Bailey won over the fans with his performances at the first two Great Bear shows, enjoying successes over Pete Dunne and Joey Hayes. Furthermore he gained a pinfall victory over his opponent Xander Cooper on a show held in Manchester in July. His form certainly seems to suggest that Bailey has the potential to go far in the Championship Chase, if not win it out right…


Xander Cooper is making his debut for Great Bear on September 15th, but Cooper is certainly no stranger to fans of the British scene. Wrestling for a huge number of promotions including PROGRESS, Futureshock and the FWA, Xander has shown shown himself to be a highly proficient wrestler. Nowhere is this more visible than LCW where he holds the main title.


This match should be a thrilling affair between two very evenly matched athletes. With personal pride AND a place in the Semi-Finals of the Championship Chase at stake this has the potential to be a match to remember!

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