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GPW: "From Wigan, with Love" August 24th, Tix

Mr. Noble

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As one half of a spectacular looking North West Double Header Weekend with GPW and FutureShock shows on consecutive nights, this is our contribution to the weekend....


GPW: "From Wigan, with Love" show poster:




And our main event for the evening is...


Gallagher's Gold Match:

Jack Gallgher vs. Robbie Brookside




No hype needed.


Little needs to be said about Robbie Brookside's contributions and acheivements in this business, people should already know. But one man who is intent on surpassing those acheivements is a man that many regard as the best in the UK right now, Jack Gallagher.


Gallagher declares himself to be the new standard in British wrestling, even carrying around his own title belt. Talk like that usually ends with you having to put your money where your mouth is, and that's exactly what Jack will have to do on August 24th as he takes on a man that defines two different eras of wrestling in Britain. A man who makes a rare appearance on a show, a man making his return to GPW, and a man that has taken exception to the arrogant Gallagher's claims - Robbie Brookside.


Gallagher vs. Brookside worth the ticket price alone.


Other matches include:


GPW British Title Match:

Ste "Bin" Mann vs. Cameron Kraze




GPW's Hi-Vis Hero defends his title belt for the very first time, and it'll be against tough opposition in Cameron Kraze. Kraze, who has targeted Bin Mann since the start of the year seems intent on winning his first gold.


Tag Team Match:

Hayes & Kirby vs. Cyanide & Bubblegum




In a one off truly special tag match, Heavyweight Champ Martin Kirby teams up with Joey Hayes to take on the former Heavyweight Champion, Bubblegum and the No.1 Contender, Cyanide! Four of the best UK wrestlers in the ring at the same time!


Super Six Man:

Austin, Ligero, Diamond vs. Walker, Banks, Oscuro




High flyers, brawlers and technical masters combine in what is a unmissable super six man tag with so many interwoven rivalries!


Money In The Bank Match:

Chris Echo vs. Danny Hope




In a first time ever, the Money In The Bank briefcase is put on the line as Chris Echo frantically tries to get a title shot against the men who hold he and RJM's tag trophy. Can he do it, or can the man who won the briefcase in dubious fashion leave the Rose Club with the goods?


GPW Tag Team Title Match:

The Blackpool Blonds vs. Mystery Opponents




The Blonds once again defend "their" tag trophy against mystery opposition that we're told to be among "the best in Europe". Who can it be this time?





More matches to be added in the next few days and weeks, but in the meantime beat the rush and head over to www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop and order your tickets now to get priority seating and early entrance. Tickets just

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Here we go with another two matches announced for August 24th! Tickets now moving fast so don't be left out in the cold!


Money In The Bank Match:

Chris Echo vs. Danny Hope




Danny Hope defends his MiTB Briefcase for the first time ever against a hungry and determined Chris Echo!


MiTB holder, Danny Hope has been ostracised by many on the way he went about winning the Money In The Bank briefcase in February this year. However, Hope has offered to defend the briefcase at “From Wigan, with Love” against the first person quick enough to make the challenge, that person was - Chris Echo. Echo has a vested interest in trying to get the briefcase off Danny, and has made no secret of what he intends to do with it if he is successful. Echo will look to cash in the MiTB to get back the Tag Team Trophy that he and tag partner, RJM never lost. The Trophy was stolen and currently in the hands of The Blackpool Blonds.


Can Echo win the match and bring justice to the tag division? Or can Danny Hope prove he is a worthy holder of the briefcase?




GPW Tag Title Match:

The Blackpool Blonds vs. Mystery Opponents


Self-proclaimed GPW Tag Team Champions, The Blackpool Blonds once again defend “their” titles against another set of mystery opponents they’ve dubbed as one of Europe’s “best tag teams”…. Who will it be this time?



Two more massive matches to come, one of them being probably our biggest tag match of 2012...! Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @grandpro

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