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NGW Mystery & Mayhem - Sunday 22nd July; Bonus Arena, Hull


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NGW Fifth Year expansion


Exciting times for NGW as we enter our FIFTH year. Over the previous four years we have quietly built up and got bigger. We have on of the most professional production set ups in the country along with some of the best online footage produced in the country. We've constantly strived to improve all aspects of our business, but doing it slowly and carefully, so as not to risk the long term future of New Generation Wrestling.


We are now in a position to step up and take NGW and wrestling in Hull to a whole new level with running our first show in The Bonus Arena. The Bonus Arena has held former promotions such as Stevie Knight's IWP and the infamous 1PW. The venue can be a great venue for wrestling and has already developed some great history over the last 10 years.


In the next week or so, we will have a huge announcement to make regarding the show so watch this space. With every show we up the bar to a whole new level and we will be taking our performance up a whole extra notch for our Bonus Arena debut. This is certainly one not to miss



New Generation Wrestling: Mystery & Mayhem

Sunday 22nd July


Doors open- 5pm

Show starts- 5.30 pm


Tickets are priced:


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Nice to see the upgrade in Venue, even if it does mean venturing to the West of the city this time. Its adecent venue too, the two IWP events and the 1PW show were quite well attended. 1PW were supposed to run a second show, but it got cancelled due to piss-poor ticket sales, or as they put it "not being able to put on a show of the expected quality due to the economic climate".


I also seem to remember somekind of all day event advertised with Q+A, training seminnars and a show, but cant remember for the life of me who ran it. Doug Williams and Awesome Kong were advertised for it

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I also seem to remember somekind of all day event advertised with Q+A, training seminnars and a show, but cant remember for the life of me who ran it. Doug Williams and Awesome Kong were advertised for it


RDW ran that show. Was a good show and a shame it wasnt ebtter attended!

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When it comes to bringing in the very elite of British Wrestling, either as guest trainers or on show talent, New Generation Wrestling is doing a great job!


Fit Finlay, Dave Taylor, Robbie Brookside, Doug Williams, Nigel Mcguinness, Alex Shane and now Kendo Nagasaki. Not to mention half the current roster!


Very much looking forward to this show. Hopefully this will help attract a lot of local media and drum up some great free advertising!

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On top of our HUGE announcement, we have even more! We can now happily announce TNA Impact Wrestling knockout Winter. The artist formerly known as Katie Lea Burchill in WWE is coming across to the UK for the first time in over 4 years since she signed for the biggest company in the world. She has recently been seen competing against the likes of Mickie James, Velvet Sky & Gail Kim on Challenge TV for Impact Wrestling.


It will also feature all your favourite NGW stars such as NGW Champion Rampage Brown. More details to follow soon!


Get your tickets quickly. Front Row are already selling fast since our original announcement of Kendo Nagasaki. Don't miss out.



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First Match Announced




Current dominant champion Rampage Brown is coming off a big win at 4th Anniversary Show as he beat the popular Stixx. Rampage has controlled every competitor he has faced in his still short NGW career including former NGW Champion Matt Myers, but Stixx was his biggest test to date. Stixx had earned his shot by besting 29 other men in one match to become the number one contender. Many believed he deserved it anyway for being the one to end the undefeated streak of Colossus Kennedy.


The match ended in a way the fans didn't want to see as Rampage used a belt shot behind the referee's back to be victorious. Despite mainly calling for a rematch between the two, nothing has been signed or confirmed yet. Stixx is still to make his intentions clear.


Colossus is finally receiving what many believe to be a belated title shot. Despite going unbeaten for 2 years until his loss to the aforementioned Stixx, he has only ever received one chance and this was in chaotic 5 way situation. It is clear that his long time boss Nathan Cruz has held him back during this time, focusing his and the monsters efforts on his quest to keep and regain the NGW Championship.


At 4th Anniversary show, after months of dissension and being belittled by the vicious and self centered Cruz, Colossus finally snapped and choke slammed his boss after the two suffered a defeat in their shot at the Tag Team Championship. Colossus then furiously stormed away from Cruz Enterprises leaving through the front exit.


Both wrestler's agent Richie West then took off his trademark gold tie and, along with his gold briefcase, threw it down alongside Cruz in what seemed to be disgust following Cruz's dis-repect towards Colossus. West also walked away from Cruz, Mel Price & Kev Cash in the opposite direction to Colossus. What's next for all 5 members of Cruz Enterprises? Big changes are happening for the most effective force in NGW's 4 year history.


Now with Colossus seemingly stepping away from Cruz, he has immediately received an opportunity he has been desperate for. The new (and yet unnamed) General Manager has decided that NGW's first show at the Bonus Arena needed a MASSIVE NGW Title match. And you can't get much bigger than these two. Can Colossus show everyone that he was in fact the driving force in Cruz Enterprises and win the NGW Championship that Nathan Cruz seems to be obsessed with?


No one is going to topple Rampage easily and Rampage is no way near ready to step aside as NGW Champion. One can only imagine Stixx will be watching this very closely...he hasn't fufilled his dream of being NGW Champion yet and he of course has already beaten Colossus once.


Sunday 22nd July! See it live at Bonus Arena in Hull! Get your tickets now. Front row is nearly sold out already.

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