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Selling my British Wrestling DVD collection


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Got a baby on the way, so am clearing out bits and pieces for: a) the space, and b) the money.


Here's what I have:


BAWA - Something's Gotta Give, 10th Feb 2008

BAWA - Jingle All The Way To Hell, 14th Dec 2008

BAWA - Lord of the Ring, 11th Jan 2009

BAWA - Passion for Glory, 15th Mar 2009

GPW - Keep the Faith, 8th Sept 2006

GPW - Friday Night Thriller, 13th Oct 2006

W3L - Wrestlution, 8th Sept 2007

PBW - Breaking Limits 2, 7th April 2007

PBW - Breaking Limits 3, 12th April 2008

PBW - Maximum Impact 1, 15th Sept 2007

PBW - Maximum Impact 2, 11th Oct 2008

PBW - Best of 2007 Unseen

SWE - One Night Only (Blairgowrie)

SWE - Season's Beatings, 6th Dec 2008

SSW - Rites of Passage, 2nd August 2008 (2 x DVD)


Total 15 titles, 16 DVDs!


They are all originals as bought from the promotions themselves, but they are obviously on writable DVDs (some don't have disc art) and the inlays are usually colour laser prints but some are colour inkjet prints. Some of the DVDs (the GPW ones ring a bell) had trouble playing on one of my DVD players, and Breaking Limits 2 had come loose in the box during transit and the disc is scratched pretty bad - this disc had trouble playing at all but it eventually worked (possibly on my PC... it's been a while since I watched any of this stuff).


I'm asking

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