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NEWS 15 - 27th July, Peterlee Leisure Centre, County Durham


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The North East Wrestling Society have sold out Peterlee Leisure Centre for seven shows in a row dating back to February 2011 and early ticket sales suggest this show is heading for the eighth sell out in a row. Well over of the front row seats have been sold in 24 hours and that was before any advertising for the show had been done, with this event write up being the first bit of official advertising. We have sold 40 tickets altogether for this show since yesterday and some of our regulars are disappointed they cant attend due to holiday commitments so the sales would have been even higher.


(Updated 21/7/12)

First Time Ever

Martin Kirby vs. AJ Anderson


One of the most hated men in NEWS against one of the most popular which the wrestlers facing each other for the first time ever!


A huge 8 man tag team match has been announced


New NEWS Tag Team Champions Full Pack, Rampage Brown & "Showstealer" Nathan Cruz


NEWS British Champion El Ligero, "Seconds Out" Tony Spitfire & tag team contenders The Dragon Ryders


For our 15th show we have a 15 man number one contender rumble

Confirmed so far:

"Showstealer" Nathan Cruz

Cameron Kraze

Martin Kirby

Lewis "The Dragon" Chambers

Robbie Ryder

Rampage Brown

John Britain

Jack Norton

"Seconds Out" Tony Spitfire

AJ Anderson

Micky Long

Iain Robinson

more to be announced...


Tickets are on sale now priced at

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Announced for the rumble so far:




Martin Kirby was the first name announced. Kirby aims to become number one contender again after several failed attempts to win the NEWS British Championship from El Ligero during 2011.






Tag team partners Lewis "The Dragon" Chambers & Robbie Ryder have both been confirmed as entrants. The Dragon Ryders will arguably be the quickest competitors in the match.




Cameron Kraze, recently returning with a new outlook, will appear in the rumble. Will the master manipulator be able to work his way into the number one contender spot?




Rampage Brown made his debut at the 2nd Anniversary show beating TNA star Doug Williams. Can he carry this momentum into an epic rumble win?




"Showstealer" Nathan Cruz could be one of the favourites heading into the rumble, will he draw a number that will favour him?


More to be announced soon, plus a huge first half main event will be announced this week too.

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fan favourite AJ Anderson has been added to the number one contender rumble





new NEWS Tag Team Champions Full Pack (Micky Long & Iain Robinson) have both been added to the rumble for a chance at a singles gold opportunity

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8 man tag team match

Iain Robinson, Ringo Ryan, Rampage Brown & Nathan Cruz versus Lewis Chambers, Robbie Ryder, Tony Spitfire & El Ligero


The above match ended as a double DQ when the referee lost control of the competitors and an 8 man brawl ensued about 20 minutes in.


Cameron Kraze defeated Max Heat


Whitton & Swan beat Dead Reckoning. After the match Jack Norton turned on partner John Britain and hit him with a massive chokeslam.


AJ Anders bested Martin Kirby


Number One Contender 15 Man Rumble

Nathan Cruz won the rumble in controversial circumstances. Julian Werther Chambers made a surprise return interrupting the rumble and getting on the mic. JWC lost a "loser leaves" match to Ligero last September and cut a scathing promo on the crowd and Ligero who promptly appeared to throw him through the same fire exit he had put him through 10 months earlier. As Ligero prepared to head to the back Cruz, who had entered at number one and was the only person in the ring at the time (having outlasted Chambers, Swan, Kirby and Kraze), jumped the champ and they brawled with security and officials struggling to separate them. They were both ushered to the back in a way to calm down the chaos.


The rumble continued with Rampage Brown coming out to an empty ring and beating up a member of the NEWS security to kill the two minutes he had to wait for his first victim. Brown dominantly disposed of Max Heat then Robbie Ryder then Chris Whitton before Spitfire came out and started to best Brown. Iain Robinson then AJ Anderson followed before 6ft 6ins Jack Norton turned up at number 13 to chokeslam most of the competitors. The big man looked dominant until his former tag team partner John Britain showed up as the next entrant to promptly dispose of Norton and get some revenge for the chokeslam he received earlier. Ringo Ryan was the last entrant.


Eventually we had Rampage and Spitfire left and the crowd firmly backed Spitfire who managed to eject the bigger Rampage Brown. Everyone thought Spitfire had won and his music even played but as he celebrated Cruz sprinted from the back to dump Spitfire over the top rope. The referees at ringside agreed that Cruz hadnt been eliminated and was still legally in the match and was therefore declared the winner and new number one contender for El Ligero's NEWS British Championship.

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