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The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

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1 minute ago, Shy Dad said:

Case of "maximum 7000 words explain your skills, qualifications and reasons you'd be good for the job kind thing". There's parts I overlooked without going into enough detail (I was pulled up for not seeming to have enough experience leading teams, when I somewhat undersold the amount of events I run with a team behind me, running my Fringe show and the likes) and that. Looking back, its a bit of a kicker, as I struggle sometimes realising just how much work I put into things so don't believe its a valid contribution to add.

They've got me as the reserve interview if anyone pulls out, so as bad as it sounds, I somewhat hope someone doesn't want the job interview in the next 7 days so I can have a crack at it.

Yeah, when you're given limitations like that you're always going to second guess yourself, thinking about what you could have stressed more or highlighted better.

As you say, you're next in line should someone fall out of the running, which isn't too bad at all. There were probably a good number of people who applied and didn't get anywhere, so you're doing okay mate. 


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