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anyone got a tracy smothers compilation dvd?


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I was wondering if any of the traders on here have a Tracy Smothers compilation dvd?


I've got his 'a country boy can survive' dvd but was hoping to get some dvd's which cover more of his tag stuff (FBI and Southern Comfort).


If any of the traders have anything please drop me a message.



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A guy in the US made the following comp. I DON'T HAVE IT, and don't know of anyone over here in the UK who does, however, if you register at prowrestlingonly.com, and contact Goodhelmet (the guy who made it) he will be able to help you out.


Tracy Smothers


Disc 1

Tracy Smothers vs. Randy Savage (Memphis 5/18/85)

Tracy Smothers vs. Lanny Poffo (Memphis 10/27/85)

Tracy Smothers vs. Bill Dundee (CWA 1/18/86)

Tracy Smothers & Dirty Rhodes vs. Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell (CWA 2/1/86)

Tracy Smothers & Brett Wayne vs. The Sheepherders (UWF 5/11/86)

Tracy Smothers, Jeff Jarrett, Pat Tanaka & Tojo Yamamoto vs. The Mod Squad, Fire & Flame (CWA 6/7/86)

Tracy Smothers vs. Ron Sexton (CWA 8/4/86)

Tracy Smothers Interview (CWA 8/23/86)

Tracy Smothers Music Video (CWA 9/6/86)

Tracy Smothers Interview (CWA 9/13/86)

Tracy Smothers vs. The Ninja (CWA 9/20/86)

Tracy Smothers vs. The Ninja (CWA 10/25/86)

Tracy Smothers & Pat Tanaka vs. Don Bass & Larry Wright (CWA 11/1/86)

Tracy Smothers, Pat Tanaka, Jeff Jarrett & Billie Joe Travis vs. Memphis Vice & The Animals (CWA 11/8/86)

Tracy Smothers vs. Boy Tony (CWA 11/15/86)

Tracy Smothers & John Paul vs. Rock N Roll RPM

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