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ROH 2002-2007


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Hi All, im selling my ROH dvd collection, spanning from 2002 until 2007 when i stopped. its not a complete set from beginning in 2002 until i stopped, but its a huge chunk of their shows, missing mostly 2005, but below is a list of the shows i have and am selling, id like t point out that -


these are NOT official dvd release, they are copies. i do not have case or covers for them, as i keep them in a dvd binder in order.


i would prefer to sell them as a set and not indivitually.


paypal as payment option.


posting to anywhere in the uk


There are 91 shows here, most of which are not available to buy from ROH anymore as they are very ealry ROH featuring spanky, AJ STyles, punk, joe etc. I would like to sell the set for

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