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Wrestlers with out catchphrases and over finishers


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I was thinking how I have always liked everything about William Regal. Fun to watch in the ring, great gimmick and good at cutting promos. I thought he had everything that was needed to make it to the top. Apart from the obvious problems such as wellness issues preventing him from climbing the ladder, I feel the main problem he has and the reason he never made it all the way is because he never really had an established finisher or catch phrase. Can anyone think of examples of wrestlers who have lasted a long time in the main event picture without either of these qualities?

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Carlito went quite a while with out having an established finisher, although he did have a cool catch phrase.


I thought he used the Backstabber for his finisher? - Edit - Beaten to it by Richie.


What about MVP? His BALLIN' Elbow drop always got a reaction from the crowd, but his generic Overdrive finisher, which he later chaged to the 501/Paydirt/Mic Check/Whatever R-Truth calls it was usually met with silence.


Double Edit - Not sure about Steve Blackman, the only catchphrase of his I remember was whatever he said in WWF Attitude on the PS1! "I'M AS LETHAL AS A STICK O'DYNAMITE!"

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Carlito went through a spell of finishing with Roll The Dice/Last Rites/Hero's Welcome/Testdrive for a while as well, which looked ok. I bought it more than the Backstabber, which I never believed would debilitate anyone long enough to get pinned.


MVP also for a while finished with a flying big boot to an opponent on one knee which I believe he called the Drive By, which would have been ok if it had been delivered with any impact, but it usually looked crap.


Steve Blackman early doors used some kind of armlock, I think the butterfly lock, to finish his jobbers and transitioned into using the pump kick to win his non-jobber matches unless he was using weapons. I don't recall him using the Dragon sleeper, I do remember Dan Severn using it however during the spell when the two of them, Shamrock and Owen were having all manner of submission / MMA-themed matches. Severn of course trained Owen to use it, and it featured in the finish of the Lions Den match at SummerSlam '98.


Surely the winner in both categories is Ricky Steamboat? He had no catchphrases whatsoever, and while his top rope bodypress looked good and was a spectacular finish for a squash, I dont remember him beating anyone with it that was any good, and he certainly won most of his famous matches with Savage and Slick Ric with dirty roll ups. He was the original wacky roll-up guy.

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I honestly can't remember him using those phrases. And I love William Regal.



I don't remember them either, but he's a pretty good example, especially in WWE because of the various finishers they kept having him try out from his stretch to the running knee to the head to the brass knux to the neckbreaker where he hooked the opponents arm around their neck.


If Regal used this phrase it obviously didn't catch on to some of us, and I've been a huge Regal mark since 1992 WCW. I think Regal makes a good example and he's who I'd choose... Had he not failed that test I also agree he was destined for a huge push in a Mr. McMahon sort of way...



Blackman is another good one... Is he had a phrase, it never caught on with the masses, but I was a fan in his later years with WWE. He had the pump kick as a finisher for a good while, bit it wasn't really "over"...

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