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Falling Starr Wrestling

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Just a quick introduction to Falling Starr Wrestling.


Falling Starr Wrestling is an up and coming British Wrestling company promoting shows and running a wrestling training academy with growing acclaim.

We run wrestling training sessions every Wednesday evening and every Sunday morning at the LynnSport sports centre in King's Lynn. For those sessions Jimmy Starr, with the help of 'Dark Wolf' Matt Walters & The Cougarkid, takes pupils through mat based skills and old school British tech.


Every month we run weekend training seminars. These are 2 day intensive sessions in a top quality 18ft ring (which was used for the latest Pro Wrestling Noah tour in the UK). These sessions are hosted by a special guest trainer. In the past these have included top stars such as TNA's Magnus, World of Sport Legend Danny 'Boy' Collins, Marty Scurll & Jonny Storm. They include a range of skills from basic to advanced as well as an opportunity to ask questions and get an incite in to pro Wrestling. our next seminar is April 28/29 and will be hosted by Mike 'Bulk' Waters from Britain's most decorated tag-team..the UK Pitbulls.

Bulk Seminar details


At the end of each weekend we run an academy show in which the more advanced students display their skills along with stars of the British wrestling scene, in front of a audience. These shows are well attended so it is a great opportunity to learn how to work in front of a crowd.


Students travel to these seminars from across the country and we also have strong relationships with major Wrestling promotions across the country. Our aim is to get our students onto the pro wrestling scene across the world.


Aside from training we run shows. As a new company we predominately run in our local area in East Anglia. We good hall that draw increasingly better crowds.


Please checkout & 'Like' our facebook page.


Falling Starr Facebook

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