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Most Common Subjects of Discussion?


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I'm new to discussion boards and a nostalgic 1991 - 2002 wrestling fan. Don't give a fuck about the current product (albeit I did watch Wrestlemania this year).


I've noticed people seem to get really, really angry when people bring up discussions on subjects which have probably been done to death in the past, but as a casual forum user I don't always know what's been done to.death and what's not.


So thought it might be handy to compose a list of subjects that cannot be discussed (unless your willing to go back and find a vintage thread)...


I assume the following will be on the list but I'm sure others like me would find a definitive list handy.


DX or nWo - which was better?

Was Montreal a work?

Attitude era Vs current product

Dr Scholtz hitting that interview guy

Best Undertaker era

Why are almost ALL wrestlers fucking junkies?

Why do almost ALL wrestlers die young?

Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks

Raw v Nitro?

Why did McMahon make such a rip-roaring cunt of the inVasion angle and ruin the one chance for us to live our dreams?

Anything relating to the historical standing of Hogan, Austin, Rock & Flair

Was Bret Hart amazing or a spoilt little huffy piece of shit?

Did Bret Hart draw all that much as champ?

You get the idea...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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