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Effective Blade jobs


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I'm not talking about matches where someone has juiced a great deal but where someone has bladed and it has added to the match as in my opinion we often see pointless one's. I think Bret Hart vs Austin one is a no brainer, Austin passing out in his own blood and refusing to quit is iconic. my next choice would be HBK vs Taker in the cell. Shawn's selling of the beating he recieved was second to none. Seeing him slowly crumble down the cage with claret all over his face was pretty dramatic, and then when he drags himself from the pool of blood to get one arm over undi' and carried out, it really showed the damage the cell could do. The final pick i have is HHH vs Cactus Jack in the street fight. It showed how far hunter would go to remain champ and that he was willing to sacrifice it all just to do so. The fact they were selling how much blood he lost on commentary and saying it would make him weak really made Jack look a badass

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