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Selling DVDS and Figures from all eras *added stuff 5/4

lance tbag

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Selling off my DVDS and wrestling figures. Some of it is quite rare and some isnt, im gonna post a bit at a time. Because there is quite a lot of it. Though if there is something specific you want i may have it, figures wise at least. Got stuff from across the board.




Classic Superstars Series 1. Complete set of 6. All out of packet.


Classic Superstars series 2. Complete set of 6, plus Dude Love variant. All out of packet


The Undertaker Classic Superstar 3 Undertaker in packet.


Eddie Guerrero classic superstar series 7 in Packet


Mr Perfect Classic Superstars series 10 in packet.


Wrestling superstore Exclusives all in Packet. Hulk Hogan - Spike Dudley - Stacy Kiebler - Torrie Wilson - Tazz - Triple H.


Rowdy Roddy Piper Classic Superstar Convention exclusive (1 of 1,800) in black shirt


Toy fare limited edition Sgt. Slaughter Classic Superstar


Classic Superstars series 3 complete set, all out of packet apart from Undertaker who is in packet


Complete set of Ruthless Aggression series 10 in Packets


Classic Superstars Afa and Sika out of packet


The Godwinns from an early JAKKS series out of packet


Classic Superstars Dusty Rhodes - limited edition 1 of 3,000 in box. Polkadot outfit


Classic Superstar three pack - Greg 'The hammer' Valentine, Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart in the packet


Classic Superstars series 4 all out of packet - complete set of 6


WWE Slamers series 2 Dude Love in packet. Very Rare item


Classic Superstars Yokozuna - Ringside fest 2005 (1 of 1,800) In Box






ROH Glory By Honor 5 Night 1


ROH Glory by honor night 2


ROH Unscripted 3


ROH Chi - Town Struggle


Kurt Angle shoot interview


ROH Ring of Homicide


ROH Supercard of Honor


WWE the rise and fall of ECW


ROH Road to the title


ROH Anarchy in the UK


ROH The Bitter End


ROH Reckless Abandon


ROH Final Battle 2007


ROH Final Battle 2003


ROH Dragon gate challenge


ROH This means war 2


ROH Motor city madness 2007


TNA Unbreakable 2005


TNA Lockdown 2005


ROH Live in Osaka


Any questions or quries please feel free to PM me.


Thanks for looking

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