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Fan Favourite's First Birthday With Marcus Fenix & Batman!


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Just for any gamers out there really;




Saturday May 5th 2012 is Fan Favourite's First Birthday. To help us celebrate we will be joined by the two of the most notable voice actors in Video Game & TV history. This will be their FIRST UK public appearance together and for one, his first UK appearance ever!


John Di Maggio - Marcus Fenix (Gears Of War) Bender (Futurama)


John's IMDB Page


Gears Of War 3 was one of the best selling video games on 2011 selling 3 million copies during its first week, higher than the previous two Gears entries. So we are honoured that John will be joining us to celebrate our birthday, not to mention this guy is also the dude behind the voice of Fenix & Bender!!


Kevin Conroy - Bruce Wayne/ Batman.... uh pretty much everything animated Batman related in the last twenty or so years. 'Nuff said really. Oh except that Arkham City was one the greatest & most nominated games of last year!


Kevin's IMDB Page


On the day not only will the guys be signing autographs but there will also be an exclusive question and answer session where god only knows what could happen.


Tickets will be available in store and our online store The FF Store for the Q&A but the signing is an open affair with no entry fee!


Also more info will be posted as it announced at : FB Official Event's Page


All guests appear subject to work and personal commitments and autographs will incur a small charge.

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