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Warrior merchandise on Ebay

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I know that i am probably going to get some grief over this however on Ebay there is alot of Warrior merchandise going.


Now the thing is, even though its alot of money (3k) do you think its worth it for Warrior's last ever televised US match (turd though it was)





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But how much would you pay to sit with him and watch Halloween Havoc together?



On topic, I imagine genuine ring attire as worn on PPV main events is worth a few quid. People sell the elbowpads that Rock throws as part of the peoples elbow for 4 figures, i'm sure Warrior sees himself in that bracket.

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Ah yes, the age old debate of wether buying ring worn gear is cool or creepy....


i've always been on the "cool" side myself IF you present it right and don't go strutting around in it or buy divas lingerie to smell it or some other shit like that.


If i had a ring worn hulk hogan trunks or shirt, i would frame it and make it a nice little display piece on my wall, imo it looks classy and not creepy at all, it's the same as a football jersey in a frame like you see a lot of sports fanatics have.


i wouldn't spend thousand of dollars tho, to me THAT is the creepy part of it, not the item itself. If i were that rich that i could afford to spend thousands, i'd rather use them to buy wrestlemania ringside seats or something.


i DO own a lot of ring worn/signed lucha libre masks though, and yes i sometimes spend hundreds of dollars/euros on 1 mask but that's still acceptable to me (and my wallet), i'm a big lucha fan and have always been fascinated with the masks and the legacy of them. To me having a kick ass mask that's actually been in a "fight" has a certain mystique to it, and it makes for an awesome visual is displayed right. And like i said, my masks always stay in the 3 figure range not thousands, big diffrence !


i do own a replica signed hogan trunks and framed it, i'm fine with that and think it looks very cool,with photo proof of HH holding and signing them so HH touched the trunks which is close enough to ring worn for me...very nice display piece that didn't cost me an arm and a leg to own.

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