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Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

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On 5/9/2013 at 8:29 PM, Ronnie said:

Rikku looks particularly stunning in your pictures, Chris. I particularly like the white tufts in her main. Is she a Norwegian Forest Cat?

Here's my big girl, Heidi Honeycoat:


The first part of her name came after we'd had her a few days and had barely seen any of her, because she was (and remains) extremely timid and did everything she could to stay out of sight. I put a photo of her on Facebook and asked friends for suggestions, since Ronette had originally wanted to call her Marmalade, thinking that she was redder than she actually is, and I didn't like her proposed alternative, Butterscotch. Among brilliant suggestions such as Weapon X and Stamina Force came some advice from a friend to "spend some time with her, get an idea of her personality, and then you'll know". I responded that if I took that approach now, then she'd be called Hide-y. The bulb went off and she got her name, the second part because I liked the alliteration and it got in Ronette's original idea to name her after something that one spreads on toast.

Here's our little one, Pebbles Pepperpot, the little bastard trying to help me out whilst I was preparing to take some promo shots of a friend's book:


She was originally going to be called Poppy Pepperpot, until we picked her up. She was good for the first 30 minutes, then spent the following three and a half hours of the drive home crying at Ronette to let her out to play. She was so persistent that she blew her voice out and didn't get it back for a few months. Anyway, watching her demand to go into every room of the house despite the presence of a big cat who didn't want her there, charging and careening all over the place, battering her toys recklessly, it became clear that a soft name like Poppy wasn't going to work. We gave it some thought and then picked up that if she were human she'd be coming home with cuts and bruises on her knees, no doubt skidding on concrete and whatnot, and so Pebbles seemed an obvious name to give her. It fits her perfectly, though I tend to cut it down to Pebsi more often than not.

Dave: I hope your big boy is feeling better soon, mate. I share the earlier sentiments that it's horrible knowing that your pets are in pain and don't understand why. Good luck!

It's been several years since I posted in this thread. My big girl turned ten last week!


She got spoiled, of course, including having a bit of a fun challenge, which she had a good attempt at:


Little sister Pebbles (who has just turned 9, even though I still see her as being young) knew well enough not to touch it :)

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Well, after my relationship broke down and I had to leave the family home and the dog that was my best friend, I was heartbroken. I can't brig myself to get another dog, but on Monday just gone, I picked my a kitten, that the kids have named Elsa!



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The idiot boy may have epilepsy. At the vets they wanted to take blood, but struggled to find a vein under all his floof. Now he's got a comparatively large, silly shaven patch.



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Couple of new ones from the menagerie that exists across our two houses.

Nova continues to be an absolute idiot.


The rats have started eating pasta. Here is Dobby enjoying some.


Karma is getting massive and his tail is absolutely wicked.


And Onyx continues to be the absolute best boy ever. 





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Went to a flea market at a charity for cats to see what they had, bought a couple of bits and bobs and a couple of weeks later we ended up with this guy.  Arnold Fergus Crowley.



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When we said goodbye to Daisy in March, we thought we’d never get another cat. It turned out we really missed having a one about, so started looking. With my wife shielding at home for 17 weeks and me locked upstairs working 18 hour days, 7 days a week for 2 months on government COVID systems, we needed another presence in the house.

There’s an amazing local cat rescue, run by a young lady completely at her own expense apart from the small donations she gets. I honestly don’t know how she does it. She had a 3-year-old boy who’d been found, presumed dead, at the scene of a car accident. An eye witness said they saw him get run over by 4 different cars, but when they tended to him, he seemed OK. A trip to the vets and it was realised he had no injuries whatsoever - an absolute miracle boy.

We’d seen him on the cat rescue website and had thought about adopting him. He was incredibly shy, jumpy, nervous, but super loving and gentle. Last weekend we decided we were going to ask about taking him, but saw the website had been updated and he’d been found a home. Great news for him, but we were disappointed having not asked a day earlier.

Fast forward two days, and we saw on the website that he’d been returned to care as the home he’d gone to hadn’t been upfront about another cat they already had. We emailed them straight away and had a home visit and check the same night.

Freddie moved in with us on Wednesday and he is incredible. He’s an absolute hoss, but without doubt the gentlest cat I’ve ever met. He is really shy but has already started exploring the house and getting really sloppy with the pair of us. He’s stunningly good looking and is just incredible.

We’re so glad to have found him.





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Lilou got a shave (thanks to ‘rona)

Fur has grown a lot since then, she gets mistaken for a puppy everywhere we go now.



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