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XWA Breakout results - 4/3/12 in Morecambe

Victor Is God

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Results and happenings from the XWA trainee show on Sunday night at Regent Park Studios, Morecambe:


XWA promoter Greg Lambert started the show with a message for XWA's deadly North West rivals GPW. Mr Lambert said GPW's gang of thugs Ricky J McKenzie, Dylan Roberts and Ste Mann ruined the biggest moment of Jynkz's life and career by attacking him at Goldrush. He said The Carleton management have assured him there was no way they could have entered the building without inside help, so there must be someone within XWA who is working for GPW. Lambert vowed to track down the XWA mole, reiterated his belief that XWA is the Best in the North West, mocked Ricky J McKenzie's knee injury (suffered at GPW Northern Soul on Friday night), and demanded a face to face public apology for GPW's actions. This brought out Jynkz, who told Mr Lambert he wasn't interested in an apology, he just wanted revenge. At this, the demented Loner Rossion emerged from under the ring and laid out Jynkz with No Man's Land. Rossion screamed that he was sick of being overlooked.


Craig Kollins pinned Sean Morel following a Riot Kick after an excellent match. Seriously, this was brilliant.


Dave Rayne defeated 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey by DQ after The Minion, Aaron Inferno, snapped and attacked Dave.


The Blackpool Blonds successfully defended their self-proclaimed 'XWA Tag Team Trophy' defeating 2Dimension. The Blonds had...ahem...obtained the GPW tag team trophy at GPW Northern Soul on Friday night, then took it upon themselves to rechristen it the 'XWA Tag Team Trophy'. Axl Rage and JD Sassoon then decided to defend the 'XWA Tag Team Title' against Luke 'Future' Baxter and 'Action' Jack Clarke, emerging victorious after delivering the Blackpool Tower.


XWA Champion Johnny Phere was the guest on Stallion's new talk show The Horse's Mouth. Stallion said he was predicting that Stixx would beat Phere in the Clash of the Titans at XWA War on the Shore VIII, and asked 'The Psychotic Warrior' what made him think he could break the 18-match, four years-long Stixx Streak. At this, the XWA Champion gave Stallion a Ram Slam and then told the world that at War on the Shore, Stixx would face not only his Phere, but also for the first time in four years he would Face...Defeat!


In the main event, XWA double champion Jynkz pinned Rossion to retain the XWA Best of the North West Cup in a chaotic lumberjack match.

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