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How British Are You


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58% but some of the answers are wrong.


E.g. How many bank holidays are there per year in the UK?

They say 4


One, the bank holidays aren't uniform across the whole UK. England and Wales have a different number to Scotland. Two, it's more than 4 either way.


There are different bank and public holidays in different parts of the UK. There are currently six permanent bank holidays in England and Wales and an additional one in 2012. Christmas Day and Good Friday are public holidays...


There are seven permanent bank holidays across the whole of Scotland...


In Northern Ireland, there are eight permanent bank holidays - the same six as in England and Wales, plus St Patrick's Day and the Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. Christmas Day and Good Friday are public holidays.


Fuck you Channel 4, I'm staying.

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That's an incredibly silly, ill-thought out test.


How on earth is anyone, British or otherwise, supposed to know most of that shit? The only way you could know it is if it's like the driving theory test where they're part of a set bank of questions from a handbook to memorise. Virtually no-one will just happen to know most of that through normal means or having an interest in the country.

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