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UFC on FX 2: 'Alves vs Kampmann' Discussion Thread


Who wins and how?  

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Thiago Alves vs Martin Kampmann

Joseph Benavidez vs Yasuhiro Urushitani - Flyweight Tournament Semi Final

Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall - Flyweight Tournament Semi Final

Court McGee vs Constantinos Philippou


PRELIMS (FUEL TV/should be on ufc.tv for us)

Aaron Rosa vs James Te Huna

Anthony Perosh vs Nick Penner

Cole Miller vs Steven Siler

Kyle Noke vs Andrew Craig

TJ Waldburger vs Jake Hecht

Mackens Semerzier vs Daniel Pineda


PRELIMS (Facebook)

Oli Thompson vs Shawn Jordan


This is fast approaching. Nice little card. I don't know where this will be shown over here. If not ESPN then it will most likely be streamed for us free on ufc.tv like the Ellenberger/Sanchez show was. I'll update this post if I see any new info.


The main event could turn out to be a war, and the winner could see themselves pretty high up the ladder at 170. Should be a fun fight.


Historical show aswell being the introduction of the Flyweight division. Really looking forward to this, Mighty Mouse and Benavidez should probably always have been at 125 so it will be interesting to see how they look at the lower weight. I'm not familiar with Urushitani. I've seen 'Uncle Creepy' McCall a few times though, looking forward to seeing him in the UFC.


This will be the last UFC for a while, until the Sweden show on Apr 14th.

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Cheers for that, I'll edit the first post. Fuck I forgot about TUF being so close aswell. I guess that will make up for the gap after this show.


edit - Fucking hell I just read that Mark Hunt is asking to be put on this card after beating Kongo just 2 days ago. Nutter.

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Cheers for that, I'll edit the first post. Fuck I forgot about TUF being so close aswell. I guess that will make up for the gap after this show.


edit - Fucking hell I just read that Mark Hunt is asking to be put on this card after beating Kongo just 2 days ago. Nutter.

The dude is still fresh and he was training in New Zealand, so it wouldn't much of a stretch for him. I do have to respect him for going out there fighting instead of getting paid off, even if his time in the UFC was at a dodgy start.

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Everyone's made weight


Main Card:

Thiago Alves (170.5) vs. Martin Kampmann (170.5)

Joseph Benavidez (125.5) vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani (125.5)

Demetrious Johnson (125.5) vs. Ian McCall (125.5)

Court McGee (184.5) vs. Constantinos Philippou (185.5)


Preliminary Card:

Aaron Rosa (205.5) vs. James Te Huna (206)

Nick Penner (203.5) vs. Anthony Perosh (205)

Cole Miller (146) vs. Steven Siler (146)

Andrew Craig (185) vs. Kyle Noke (185)

Jake Hecht (171) vs. T.J. Waldburger (170)

Daniel Pineda (146) vs. Mackens Semerzier (146)

Shawn Jordan (245.5) vs. Oli Thompson (235)

Really looking forward to this. The show isn't getting talked about much but I really think this could be a cracking night of fights. All 4 main card fights should be exciting. The flyweights should bring a fast pace and there's a lot at stake with the winners set to fight to become the first 125lb UFC champion.


The main event has the ingredients of a real exciting fight, 2 very good strikers with solid grappling. Kampmann has a tendency to get into wars but I think Alves has the edge here in power so it will be interesting to see how Kampmann approaches this one.


Philippou's coming off an impressive stoppage of Jared Hamman, he could be a tough test for Court McGee who I've not been totally convinced of to be honest despite him being on a good unbeaten run.


On the prelims, Rosa vs Te Huna should be good, plus we've got the UK's next UFC heavyweight Oli Thompson's debut and Cole Miller's first fight at 145.


Oh and the Flyweight fights will have a sudden death 4th round in the unlikely event of a draw.

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Lack of net has stopped me posting but this should be great.


The 125 thing is untested waters so its hard to predict, im just gonna sit back and enjoy.


Keep an eye out for Shawn Jordan on the prelims, that guys a fucking tank.

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Just nicked this off MiddleEasy.


Mike Dolce is in the wrong business. Do you know how much money this guy could make coaching corporate branches that are in weight loss competitions? Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Instead of a few fighters a year he could be peeling the fat off of entire floors of cubicle bound fatsos. I guess it's apples and oranges though, the corporate weight loss competitors would want to keep the weight they just lost off, while Mr. Dolce is perfectly fine with his fighter clients regaining an almost superhuman amount of weight within just a few hours.


Weight cut challenged Thiago Alves came in at 170.5 on the scale for his fight tonight against Martin Kampmann at UFC on FX2. The incredible and possibly Guinness World Records worthy part of this whole tale about how much a man weighs is this: According to Mike Dolce, Thiago regained nearly thirty pounds in three hours. There is even a picture of feet on a scale and everything to prove it. Is this really possible? Apparently it is possible. Now is it wrong that I don't care so much about the whole argument of fighters cutting insane amounts of weight thus giving themselves possible advantages and I'm more concerned with why the Guinness Book of World Records wasn't there to document this? Are there records for weight gains? A brief search yielded only this depressing result.








Madness. What is that doing to his body?

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It's not ideal cutting that kind of weight. It's an advantage to a point with the extra weight on fight night but a disadvantage in other ways if it's drained too much out of him. I think we've seen both sides of the coin with Alves in the past.


Fair play to Alves though he had issues making 170 in the past and he seems to be making the effort to fix things. Dolce is a wizard with weight cutting by all accounts. Despite a couple of losses I think Alves has looked better overall under the Dolce diet.


It's a bit different from the Anthony Johnson situation for me. Johnson was clearly too big for welterweight, there were pictures of him knocking about where he dwarved heavyweights. Alves doesn't really have the frame or reach for 185 imo, it's thickness and muscle mass that seemed to be his problem making weight and I've always felt that if he can find a way to make the cut healthily he can be a force at the weight because he's not only a dangerous striker, he has some solid takedown defence and grappling skills aswell.


I hope Alves can go on a run at 170 again. He's one of my favourite fighters to watch when he's on form. I like Kampmann too though so I'm just hoping for a fun fight tonight.

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