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FS: original '61 catch event poster with Less kellet billed !


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Up for offer is an authentic wrestling event poster from a european event in 1961. needless to say,this is a very rare piece to own, highly unlikely to ever find again.


Obviously,the poster is not in brand new condition,it has a bottom corner missing and some overal wear & tear but imo, for a flimsy piece of paper of over 50 years ago,it has survived pretty good.


it has some intresting names on the card, most importantly imo Less kellet ! this would be an amazing items for fans of british wrestling/the world of sport generation. not quite sure how famous the other wrestlers are, i've heard the name betty clark before but tbh i don't know the others billed, i think Less is the biggest name on that card.

i don't *need* to get rid of it and it only goes out the door if i get a fair offer.


The dvd's you see pictured, i will include as a free gift to the buyer, it includes a rare documentary and a rare original world of sport dvd.


There is one catch tho...i'm from BELGIUM and shipping it with the frame would be impossible, i will have to take the poster out of the frame and fold it to fit it into a big envelope to send in the mail, but i promise i'll be as gentle as humanly possible while holding/folding it.


Unless someone decides to come pick it up in person lol, in that case you get the frame for free as a gift,but i doubt anyone will actually come traveling to belgium for a poster lol.


Ok mates, make me an offer i can't refuse and this lovely piece of history can be yours !


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