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The UKFF Bestest 20 PPV Events EVERRR!


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I've had this idea for a while now and what with the board being swept up in 'Voting For your Favourites, Countdown Lista-amania!' I thought I'd give this one a go as I think it's pretty original and yet to be done.




How do you vote and what are the rules?


You are allowed FIVE entries in your choices. FOUR of them will be PPV's you want for the 'Best' PPV list and your FIFTH and final vote will be an entry into the 'UKFF Five Alarm PPV Shitlist' that will accompany this list. Please feel free to leave comments or a quote in your vote as to why you love or hate your choices and I will quote you in the post when the list is compiled.


Where do I send the votes?


Send your votes for the best PPV's of all time along with your UKFF poster name to chilli_manilli@hotmail.co.uk for me to tally the votes. The FINAL date for entries is Saturday the 10th March, which is around the time I'll still be on here reading and posting, having not gone anywhere to begin with. So have fun and get choosing.

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Good idea, but would it maybe be better to open it up to actually giving your top 20, or at least 10?


Most folk could probably tell you their top 4 right now without even thinking about it. And there's inevitably going to be a select few events getting a pretty big proportion of the votes. It also makes for a list that isn't likely to really be reflective of general opinions as you'll have events scraping in on the basis of a couple of folk voting it in their top 4, rather than a load of people voting on it.


Just throwing it out, no worries if the original format sticks.

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Right, I'm not only putting this list here for shits and giggles, but this will be where I copy and paste from when I switch to the laptop to send it.


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler


1. WWE Wrestlemania X-7: Aye, fuck off Butch. Seen as one of the all time great PPVs for a good reason. Rock/Austin, TLC II, Angle/Benoit, Shane/Vince are all ridiculously enjoyable and HHH/Taker is much better than I could remember it being initially on repeat viewings as well, and matches like Test/Eddie and Regal/Jericho are good for what they are. Even the destined shitfest in the six man was too short to be bad, and Heenan made the gimmick battle royal. Start to finish, it's fantastic.


2. WWE In Your House - Canadian Stampede: The fact that this PPV never dipped below a certain standard is the clincher here. What helps it even more is the fact that there is a bonafide classic match on it with the Harts and Austin's team. It's also a shame watching this that we never seen a better light heavyweight division. This Sasuke vs. Taka match is probably the highlight of the division.


3. NWA Great American Bash 1989: Another pretty obvious choice, and with good reason. It helped that the last four matches just got better as they went on. It really sends the PPV home in some fashion, and Funk vs. Flair is probably the best of their two big matches in this fued. You of course get a quality Wargames match in there, and then there's Luger vs. Steamboat and Muta vs. Sting. What's not to love?


4. WWE Money in the Bank 2011: Another one of the top to bottom belters. Two brilliant spotfests in the ladder matches and the RAW one in particular is just an utter car wreck. Mark Henry and The Big Show deliver a terrific big man battle. Christian and Randy Orton put on a cracker after a slightly mediocre PPV effort on their last time out. Then there's the one that people will always remember from this one between Cena and Punk. One crap divas match can't bring this PPV down.




5. WWE King of the Ring 1999: Top to bottom, I just don't like this. The ladder match is just a total mess. And not in a good way. The tournament, while having a couple of interesting things going on, is pretty dreadful. I guess Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boys was decent, and all four men totally busted a gut, but not enough to save this heap of shit.



[close spoiler]

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