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Despite some internet and facebook sites that have reported otherwise, All Star Promotions are very happy to announce that the planned Legends show schedules for June 1st at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon will be going ahead celebrating the best available of British Wrestling over the both the World of Sport years and All Stars remarkable 41 years Promoting the length and breth of the United Kingdom, and around the World.


All Star Managing Director, Brian Dixon stated "whilst the British Wrestlers Reunion, did not want to take up our offer to run a show on their behalf, we have been inundated with request from fans who were planning the trip to see the show, so we can confirm the show will be going ahead, and would like to know the stars currently available that the fans would like to see".


Your view are welcome on genuine "available" legends on this page or all stars facebook page - All Star Wrestling U.K.

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